101 Best Retirement Planning Checklist Buffalo NY

The most important thing is to have a retirement plan that includes not only finances (investment plan, budget, withdrawals, SS, etc.) but also develop a good idea of what will you do in retirement, i.e. hobbies, travel, social, volunteering, part time work, etc.

Also develop a bucket list of things you want to do.

Your retirement plan may not play out exactly how you planned it but you need to think ahead and try to figure out how you will spend all that free time that you never had before.

Some people become disillusioned with retirement because they have failed to plan adequately for it.

Retirement Planning Checklist Financial and Non-Financial


1. Do I have enough in retirement?
2. Can I do a limited liability matching portfolio?
3. Roth conversion? How to pay taxes.
4. Thinking of SPIA. And when it should be purchased.

Non financial

1. What will I Do with my time?
2. Check out college classes which can be audited.
3. What are areas I would like to travel to? I like trips where I can learn about history, see museums, etc
4. What are options for traveling without a companion?
5. Volunteer opportunities? Tax preparation?

Best and Simple Retirement Plan Checklist

Create an investment plan.

What will your expenses be in retirement? Evaluate your current expenses. Then, you will need to determine how you will structure a reliable income stream in a tax-efficient manner to support your budget.

Plan for two eras in retirement. For couples, there are two general eras in retirement for which to plan. One, when both are living, and two, when either one is the survivor.

Have more cash on hand.

Review your health and life insurance needs.

Work with a financial planner.

Do you have flexibility? If you’re unsure whether you want to retire full time or part time, give yourself some options.

Where will you live? Revisit your housing options in retirement.

What will you do? What you want to do with your life in retirement once the honeymoon period is over?

Review your will and estate plan

While reading this report, you may have had an “a-ha” moment — realizing that overlooking one or more of these steps could adversely impact your family and yourself upon retirement.

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