13 Reasons Whole Life Insurance is Best


  1. Whole life Insurance is the cheapest insurance you will ever buy.
  2. Whole Life Insurance gets more efficient over time, by orders of magnitude in fact.
  3. The longer it is held the cheaper it gets, especially in the long run. Compare a ten year term policy with a properly structured whole life 10 year paid up policy and by year ten the cost of insurance will be nearly identical, except with the 10 year paid up you still have insurance for the rest of your life, plus dividends, and not a single premium payment left to make.
  4. The younger you are the cheaper any insurance is going to be.
  5. With a whole life Insurance policy you lock the amount of insurance you get at the age you get it at. That price is fixed for the rest of your life, and after 3 years you start seeing the cash value build up which you can borrow against at 4-5%. Whole life premiums stay fixed so as inflation continues, you are paying with inflated dollars, making the effective cost of the premiums cheaper year after year at the inflation rate…after 10-20-yrs of 2% inflation, that is major effective price reduction due to inflation.
  6. Your monthly payment goes into that cash value and you never have to worry about your life insurance going away.
  7. You are absolutely going to die. Why let the insurance company steal your money with  term life insurance that is cheap and should be even cheaper because 99% of the term insurance policies never pay and100% of whole life policies pay out, as long as you remember to pay your premium.
  8. No living in fear that your term policy is expiring and not knowing how you will be rated, after your last doctor appointment you can find out you have high cholesterol, heart disease, or Diabetes….
  9. Whole life insurance policies can provide long term care benefits. The most efficient way to get long term care insurance is to buy it directly, but it is use it or lose it like car accident insurance. With long term care riders, you get access tax free to the death benefit if you need it and if you don’t the cash values and death benefit remain in full.
  10. if you want to truly protect your family and not worry about you dying without insurance get a whole life policy as soon as possible for you and your kids.
  11. While they are young they are paying 8$ a month for 25,000 in coverage and it we ll never go away for them and the price won’t increase.
  12. Whole Life Insurance is tax-efficient. The beneficiary receives the benefit tax-free. There is no other way to transfer wealth to a beneficiary with zero tax consequences.
  13. This buy term and invest the difference? No, that’s a recipe for market crashes keeping you up at night.

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With so many reasons and alternatives it’s understandable that you may feel a bit frustrated—so why don’t you enjoy living your life and leave the insurance part to us!

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