2017- 2018 Cheap Burial Insurance


The costs of funerals are very expensive and growing.

Some estimates say that it costs, on average, $8,000 for a simple burial.

For those who want more advanced treatment, you can expect to pay much more.

These are the costs that are due to either the funeral home or other entity that takes care of one’s final arrangements.

And, without some type of financial plan in place, the debt to this entity will typically fall to a spouse, children, or others who are close to us at that time.

The funds that are needed can come from various sources – but ideally, an individual will have life insurance coverage such

as burial insurance in place so that his or her survivors can easily pay these expenses and move forward at an

already difficult time in their lives.

Burial insurance is a low-value life insurance policy.

It provides a minimal amount of coverage to your loved ones.

Because they offer a lower level of coverage, burial plans are much less expensive. 

Burial insurance, also known as Final Expense insurance, is an option that many people do consider.


The age limits are usually governed by the state that you live in.

One of the biggest advantages of of burial insurance is that it can help your your loved ones pay for funeral and burial expenses during a very painful time in their lives.

There is no health exam involved when a person applies for burial insurance coverage.

Depending on the insurance policy that a person selects, the coverage is usually between $25,000.00 to $50,000.00. 

Why you should Consider Purchasing This Burial Insurance

Many deceased’s loved ones do not have this type of money on hand for paying final expenses, so they will oftentimes be

forced to either dip into their savings or retirement funds in order to do so, or – worse yet – they may have to put these

expenses on credit in order to pay them off.

This can put many survivors into a terrible financial position. And, if the decedent were a retiree whose pension or other

income stopped upon his or her passing, these additional bills could essentially put a surviving spouse into financial turmoil.

With that in mind, having a burial insurance policy in place can provide loved ones with the peace of mind in knowing that

final expenses are already taken care of and that other assets and savings will not need to be touched.

Because burial insurance is a permanent form of coverage, the death benefit coverage itself cannot be canceled by the

insurance company – provided that the policyholder continues to make the premium payments.

In addition, the amount of the premium will usually be guaranteed not to increase – even as the insured increases in age,

and even if he or she contracts an adverse health condition.

Where Can Burial Insurance Be Purchased

Today, there are a variety of places where burial insurance can be purchased. 

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