2017 National Life Insurance Awareness Florida

September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month

We go to great lengths for our loved ones.

We work hard to provide them with a life filled with happiness, comfort and opportunity.

In fact, there’s almost nothing we wouldn’t do for our loved ones.

We re-arrange our schedules to never miss our kids’ sporting events. We put in extra time at work to save up for that special family vacation.

We rush out of the office to make sure we’re home in time for dinner with our loved ones.

But what if you died tomorrow and were no longer around to provide for your family? Without your income and all of the

other things you do for your loved ones, would they be able to maintain their current lifestyle and keep future plans on track?

That’s where life insurance comes in. It can’t put your family’s life back to how it was, but it can keep your loved ones in the

world they’ve always known. So if you think you need life insurance (or more than you currently have), now is the time to do

something about it.

“I’m a big believer in all types of insurance, but especially life insurance,” says Michael Minter of Mintco Financial. “A

client could go their whole life without their house burning down or getting in a car accident. But you can’t go the rest of

your life without dying.”

why should you get life insurance

The real question is, why should you get life insurance?

The most common reason is to leave your family with a replacement of your income should you pass away unexpectedly.

Life insurance provides a bridge, making the adjustments to lifestyle easier and paying off debts like a mortgage.

Debt burden is becoming the norm, and leaving your family with debt unexpectedly is a burden you can avoid with a life

insurance policy.

Leaving loved ones with replacement income helps the process be exponentially less stressful for them. It’s a small price to

pay for the benefits provided to them.

Life insurance isn’t just to help you and your family in the event of an unexpected death.

Have you ever thought about how life insurance can provide benefits while still living?

How diverse is your retirement portfolio?

Have you ever considered “Tax Diversification” of your investments and retirement?

What about leaving a legacy, or better yet, starting a legacy for future generations?

Retirement income, estate planning, wealth transfer in a tax-free vehicle, establishing a family trust; there are literally

hundreds of scenarios and needs for which life insurance can provide great solutions for the living!

If you haven’t considered how life insurance can further your personal financial goals beyond providing for your family after

your passing you may not have the best investment and retirement strategy for those goals.

To get started on your life insurance evaluation, give our office a call 813- 964 7100 or 716 -565 -1300.

At Mintco Financial, we work for our clients, not the carriers.

We can provide you a comprehensive apples-to-apples quote outlining each of the carriers we work with and what they can

offer you.

We will meet with you to explain the details of what you can get out of your coverage, and more importantly, what you and

your family need from it. 

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