2018-2019 Cardano ADA Cryptocurrency

Cardano is a highly promising cryptocurrency.

Their team is highly qualified people in the cryptocurrency world and they have skills to move this project forward.

However, the project is still pretty new and it’s impossible to say with 100% clarity how will it turn out to be in the future.

Investing in Cardano feels now like investing in a startup company.

ADA purports to offer deeper functionality than Ethereum —while also functioning quickly and offering the same kind of ‘store of value’ as Bitcoin. All in one coin. It’s a very ambitious project maybe even too ambitious, but to be fair the development team is also some of the brightest out there.

Cardano is a work in progress but that is part of its strength.

The managing team is taking care and engaging the best minds around the world to deal with the identified issues of smart contract blockchains.

Hoskinson was the chief at Ethereum and is now the CEO of Cardano. That has got to be a major benefit to the technology as its lead will have intimate knowledge of what needs improvement for Cardano to thrive.

Cardano’s tech is built in layers with the ADA protocol being executed in Haskell. This is meant to be a language more resilient and will build a blockchain that is more secure and stable than Ethereum.

The problem of scalability is being addressed at the onset on 3 fronts

  • transactions per second (a big problem for bitcoin right now)
  • Bandwidth
  • Data retention management (the size of the distributed ledger being held on each node in the chain. It takes days to download the whole blockchain if you want to set up a local bitcoin wallet.)

Cardano ADA Debt Card to be launched

  • Cardano is planning to launch a debit card and when this becomes reality, this card can be used in all day-to-day purchases.
  • One of Cardano’s goals is to implement into their blockchain a method of verifying transactions location, purpose and origin through a secure method of transferring user data across the blockchain – which will only be viewable by certain parties. This will abide with acts such as the Anti Money Laundering Act, Anti Terrorist Funding Act and various Data Protection acts.

Do not take this as an investment advice, research and decide on your own. Also, here are some good sources to start your researching: CARDANO

Disclaimer: Anything written in this article should  not be treated as investment advice. Please do your own research.