2018 Best Fee Only Financial Advisor Buffalo NY

Do you need a Fee Only Financial Advisor?

For investment advice to be any good for you it has to take into account your situation and needs. What suits someone else may be, or probably is, completely inappropriate for you.

You might be wondering whether you should simply repay debt and skip the adviser until at least the home mortgage is paid off. Possibly. But a good adviser should help to ensure you are handling your debt optimally, and investing your money wisely. They might also assist with mortgage choices, wills and so on. At an initial meeting, ask what they could do for you.

Mintco Financial Financial Planning in Buffalo,NY

We are one of the few independently owned financial planning and investment advisory businesses operating in Buffalo,NY. We are a privately owned boutique financial planning business specializing in investment advice and portfolio management.

We understand that every person, every couple, every family has different needs and different goals. Our holistic approach to financial planning goes beyond investments and insurance to include suggestions to improve your budget and cash flows, mortgage, debt management, insurance, real estate, 401k, and more – perhaps even suggestions regarding your career and business. Your financial life is about so much more than investments – and so are we! A holistic, big picture approach that is focused on you and your goals. This is  The Mintco Financial difference!

Mintco Financial has over 25 years of experience in offering Buffalonians solutions to their financial concerns.

Mintco Financial Team can analyze your unique situation and tailor a specific solution to secure your future, protect your family and maximize your prosperity in your journey through life. From the best and most cost effective insurance available to professional assistance with your investments, 401k or retirement planning, Mintco Financial has all your needs covered under one roof.

Contact us Today for a complimentary meeting at info@mintcofinancial.com or call us at 716-565-1300