2018 Best Financial Advisor Buffalo NY

2018 Best Financial Advisor Buffalo NY

“Advisers play different roles for different people, depending on their needs and circumstances,” he says. Many think their role is to pick stocks, pick funds or time markets, but those are decidedly not part of a reputable adviser’s skill set. Instead, the good ones help investors set and work toward goals, plan for life’s surprises, engage in constructive behaviour modification, and maintain accountability with things like regular saving and setting up college funds for the kids.

Financial advisers handle more than just investments. They provide financial planning and motivation to keep clients on track.”

Commissions vs. fees Financial Advisors Buffalo NY

There’s a difference between commissions and fees in financial services, although the terms are often used interchangeably. Fees are payment for a service rendered for a client and originate from the client. Commissions are payments based on transactions or products. They originate from a product manufacturer like a mutual fund or are triggered by a transaction such as buying or selling a stock.


Should I Use a Financial Advisor Through My Bank or Find an Independent Financial Planner?

Some people opt to choose a financial advisor through their financial institution. Though they provide similar services,independent financial planners, and those who are part of a bank, may offer a different experience.

Advisors who work at a bank or credit union are tied to their company’s products.


The services offered by independent financial advisors and planners can vary considerably. These professionals often run their business personally, and as a result, have unique operations to meet various client needs. When working for a stand-alone investment firm, independent advisors may also be able to offer the most unbiased information.


Why Mintco Financial Buffalo NY?

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Mintco Financial.

Despite the increasing popularity of online investing, many people still prefer to let a financial adviser do their investing for them. It’s not hard to see why — investing often takes a lot of time and effort.

Mintco Financial is a privately owned and independent wealth management firm.

Mintco Financial provides discretionary portfolio management services with integrated financial planning from offices in Buffalo, NY and Tampa, FL

Our firm offers excellence in financial advisory services using a team approach to solve the challenges that face today’s family, business owner and professional.

We know every client has different requirements.  It is only by understanding each individual’s values, their attitude towards risk and their expectations of return that can we truly make a difference.


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