2018 Best Whole Life Insurance Quotes

Whole life Insurance  is the ONLY life insurance that can provide certainty.

You are certain of what the death benefit will be the day you die, regardless of when that is. Term Life Insurance cannot do this.

Life insurance is the best way to leverage your dollars up in a tax efficient manner.

With a participating whole life policy through a mutual insurer, your death benefit increases as years go on to provide a

higher death benefit than the original face amount.

And this is all income and capital gain tax free. That cannot be said for investments or real estate.

Whole life Insurance is not for everyone. But it is for a lot of people.

2018 Best Whole Life Insurance Quotes Online

Whole Life Insurance provides permanent protection for the whole of life – from the date of policy issue to the date of the

insured’s death, provided that premiums are paid.

Premiums are set at the time of policy issue and remain level for the policy’s life.

Unlike term insurance, whole life combines insurance protection and savings or cash value which builds over time.

Cash value build-up may provide a source for living benefits, for example, helping pay off a mortgage, or a child’s education,

or cash surrender value if the policy is ever cancelled.


2018 Best Whole Life Insurance Investment

Whole Life Insurance Policy each dollar of premiums is split into parts: One part covers the mortality charge, one part covers

administrative expenses, and one part goes into the investment component of the policy – the accumulating fund.

Whole life policies offer level premiums (the same each year) for the rest of your life. It’s also possible to have limited pay

periods where, for example, you pay the premiums for a period of five or ten years, then no more premiums will be required

after that.

As the owner of a “participating” whole life policy, you’ll be entitled to dividends from the insurance company. “Participating”

simply means that you may participate in the profits of the insurance company.

Participating whole life or “par” policies offered by most of the country’s big life insurance companies are particularly

effective alternatives to bonds, mortgages and preferred shares in today’s low-yield investment environment.

The cash value is invested in a professionally managed, diversified investment pool that often includes stocks, bonds and

alternative investments such as real estate. The investment also grows in a tax-sheltered environment.

Life insurance companies also allocate part of the insurance premiums to the participating account and then guarantee the

value of that investment.

In effect, the policyholder has no investment risk on the capital in their policy even though it is invested in a pool of assets

that will change in value over time.

For example, if a person has a policy with a $100,000 cash value and then receives a $5,000 dividend, the policy will have a

new guaranteed value of $105,000. That cash value will not decline even if there is a market correction.

The key to whole life insurance policy is to understand that it is a long-term investment and commitment – fixed premiums

and fixed rate of return.

2018 Best Whole Life Insurance Quotes Online

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