2018 How to enroll in Medicare-Buffalo NY

Medicare enrollment Buffalo NY windows open when you turn 65 or otherwise become eligible.  

It’s important to take action.

You may have fewer choices and may pay more if you wait.

You Medicare Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is your first window for signing up.  

The exact dates of you IEP depend on your date of birth, or on the date you began receiving disability benefits.

Medicare Initial Enrollment Period last 7-months. It includes:

  • The 3-months before the month you turn 65, or before the month you get your 25th disability check·
  • Your 65th birthday month, or the month you get your 25th disability check·
  • The 3-months after your 65th birthday month, or after the month you receive your 25th disability check

You can sign up for Medicare at any point during the initial enrollment period without incurring a penalty, but you’ll want to make sure to sign up during the first three months.

Doing so will allow your Medicare coverage to begin on the first day of the month you turn 65.

If you sign up later in the initial enrollment period, you won’t be subject to a penalty, but you will have a gap in your coverage.

Should you enroll in Medicare if you’re still working?

If you are are still working and your/their current employer offers group health insurance to 20 or more people, you can keep your group health insurance coverage until you/your spouse retires.

At that time, you’ll need to enroll in Medicare during what’s known as the special enrollment period.

In order to prevent gaps in your health coverage, you should sign up for Medicare before your/your spouse’s group coverage terminates.

Medicare Enrollment and Social Security

It’s also important to remember that enrolling for Medicare does not mean that you need to receive and/or file for your Social Security benefits.

Consequently, even if you’re planning on delaying receiving your Social Security benefits beyond 65 – which is often a wise choice – you still need to make sure you’re timely enrolling in Medicare.

So as you approach your mid 60’s, take some time to make sure you know exactly when you should sign for Medicare to make sure you have continuous healthcare coverage and don’t end up wasting money on preventable penalties.

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