2018 Medicare Open Enrollment Tampa Florida

Medicare Open Enrollment 2018 Tampa Florida takes place form October 15th, 2017 through December 7th, 2017.

This yearly event gives Medicare beneficiaries to enroll in new Medicare plans or make changes to their existing plans based on their care needs.

What is 2017-2018 Medicare open enrollment Tampa Florida?

Medicare Open enrollment is a period of time when individuals have the opportunity to enroll in, or make changes to, Parts C and D of their Medicare coverage.

This is an opportunity to re-evaluate your existing service and see if there’s a better fit given any changes in your coverage or in your personal medical situation. 

What Happened during Medicare Open Enrollment?

During Medicare open enrollment, you may switch from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage, or vice-versa.

Original Medicare is comprised of Medicare Part A (coverage of inpatient expenses) and Part B (general medical coverage)in a fee-for-service system.

These components have been a part of Medicare from its inception. In Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C), beneficiaries receive their Medicare Part A and B benefits (except hospice care) through one of a number of private health insurance plans, including HMOs and PPOs.

If you are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, you may switch to a different one during the annual enrollment period.

If you are in a Medicare Part D (prescription drug program) plan, you may switch to another one during open enrollment.

If you did not enroll in Medicare Part D when you were first eligible to do so, you may enroll during this period, but you should be aware that there may be a late enrollment penalty.

What You Should Do During Medicare Open Enrollment Tampa Florida

It may be that you are satisfied with your existing Medicare Advantage plan or your Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.

If so, as long as your current plan will still be available in 2018, you don’t need to do anything to keep your coverage. 

However, even if you think you want to keep your current plan, you should review it and your other options.

Even within the same plan, coverage and premiums may change. It’s possible that another plan would be a better choice for you in the coming year. 

Medicare Open Enrollment 2018 Tampa Florida

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