2018 Top Best New Tour Golf Balls

2018 Top Best New Tour Golf Balls

Professional’s and other low handicap golfer’s have tested this product, and everyone has rated it from outstanding to very good, both in quality and performance.

It’s important to understand the best golf ball for your game depends on several factors including your handicap, swing speed, and equipment specifications.


Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam Golf Ball Choice


Reality is that the balls used by Tiger Woods or Annika Sorenstam will most likely not be your best choice for maximum distance, feel, and accuracy because they are designed for their unique characteristics and abilities.


Find the Right Golf Ball


Today there are dozens of brands of golf balls that come in a variety of styles. Choosing the right golf ball for your game may be confusing.

The most important part of finding a ball that is going to work for you is finding which ball works best for your scoring clubs — your wedges around the green and the feel off your putter.



Nowadays balls are of such high quality that Tiger Woods and most of the rest routinely hit more than 350 yards.


Albatross Tour Ball 2018


Golf is a tough enough game that it only makes sense to find the proper equipment for you — and these days that includes playing the right ball.

“The higher number of levels mixed with the softer urethane cover gives the ball a tremendous amount of spin”, says Michael Minter , and Albatross Tour Ball has it all.

Albatross Tour Balls pop up and down nicely with a hop and a stop on full shots and predictable roll on longer chip shots. They are the best value for money ball.

Albatross Tour Ball was released recently and all profits of the sales will go to All Childrens Shriners Hospital in Tampa- FL.

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