2019 Best Affordable Life Insurance Quotes

2019 National Life Insurance Awareness

September is a time to pack up those great summer memories and start looking ahead towards fall.

It’s also National Life Insurance Awareness Month. While not as “glam” as some of the other celebrated months that are popping up on the calendar, National Life Insurance Awareness Month is an important one.

Let it serve as a reminder to take a few moments to ensure you have adequate protection in place to provide for your family’s financial stability.

2019 Best Affordable Life Insurance Quotes

Sometimes we’re shocked into awareness.

When Sonia fell into a coma, her mother and young children had no idea what would come next and had to scramble to make ends meet.

Fortunately, Sonia got a second chance. Recognizing the narrow miss when she recovered, she purchased life insurance to help ensure her family wouldn’t face such hardship again.

Sonia’s story reflects a number of realities in the insurance market today: People want to protect their families, but often aren’t taking action and discussing topics like life insurance and estate planning across generations.

A large majority (84 percent) of Americans believe life insurance is a smart way to care for their family’s future and 48 percent say it has been an important part of their family’s plan for generations.

However, it is a difficult topic to discuss.

Of those with living parents, only 42 percent of Americans have talked with their parents about life insurance and estate planning and 14 percent are planning to initiate a conversation.

2019 Affordable Life Insurance Quotes

Whatever your health or lifestyle, age or stage, you have choices when it comes to life insurance plans.

You may be looking to “top up” or simply be looking for a fast and affordable option for life insurance, as a first-time buyer.

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