2019 Best Financial Advisor for Athletes and Pro Athletes

Athletes generally have a limited career time frame in which to earn their income.

It is essential that Athletes get trusted and expert support to make the most of their financial opportunity and assistance in preparing for life post-career – whether it is in the media, going into business or returning to study.

The Best Financial Planning for Pro Athletes and Athletes

Athletes face a problem few of us will ever have to worry about.

Most people’s incomes steadily increase as they get older, the result of climbing the career ladder or making their business more successful.

But professional sportspeople will probably never earn as much as they did in their 20s and early 30s—a frightening reality for anyone who wastes their ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity.

Saving and investing is a lot different for professional athletes, celebrities and anyone else who comes into sudden wealth early in their career.

Instead of earning more as they age, it’s usually the reverse.

It’s why professionals who earn the bulk of their money early in life are encouraged to be more conservative investors, to ensure the money lasts for decades.

A professional sportsperson’s career can be over in the blink of an eye.

One awkward tackle, concussion or serious muscle or joint tear could have them facing permanent retirement.

So why isn’t that fact being drilled into them from the moment they start playing?

Why isn’t every professional club explaining that their future as a player is always at risk, and that they should never risk (or let anyone else risk) their future away from the game?

‘The money doesn’t last forever’: financial advice for Athletes and pro athletes

This love of ‘rolling the dice’ isn’t exclusive to professional sportspeople.

Business people and high-flying executives do the same thing, risking their vast income on silly, ill-conceived investment decisions despite the constant threat of bankruptcy or being sacked/made redundant.

Athletes can see their fortunes erode quickly through overspending (on themselves, friends and family), bad investments and costly divorce settlements.

There have been numerous headlines about athletes and celebrities who lose millions – and even file for bankruptcy – due to mismanagement of their finances.

Risk is a relative thing. It’s a tool for bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be at some point in the future.

The best Wealth Management for Pro Athletes and Athletes

While a conservative investment approach is often called for, each athlete is different depending on where they are in their career, their financial goals, and type of contract they have, which will influence the appropriate asset mix.

Michael Minter, best financial advisor for athletes

I played tennis and sports growing up at a very high level and have always had the WILL to Win in all aspects of my life.

We will win for you. To make you, your family, and our future’s lives happier. “TOGETHER WE MAKE POSSIBLE HAPPEN.”

Also remember, having a plan is always good, but you will never have the same high you get from winning games. Realizing that, and understanding that you will need to find your highs from other forms of success in a new job, is the key.

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