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(Should I Find Funeral Cover for My Parents?) 

Funeral insurance can be confusing because it goes by several names — pre-funded, burial or final expense — but the policy is designed to cover the final arrangements for your body after your death whether that be burial or cremation.

Funeral Insurance is a type of insurance that you take out to cover the cost of your funeral after you die.

A typical funeral can cost between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on the kind of service and the choice of casket and funeral plot.

Even for people that have life insurance policies, these costs can create a great burden that can add onto the stress of losing a loved one.

Funeral insurance for seniors can help to protect their loved ones from unexpected costs and debts associated with the burial.

How much funeral insurance can I get?

Depending on the type of funeral you would like to have, you can usually choose from $5,000 to $15,000 to cover the cost of a funeral.

After you die this money will be paid to whichever friend or family member you have nominated as the beneficiary.

Who should buy Funeral Insurance? 

Nobody likes to think about funerals, especially their own. But if your family doesn’t have thousands of dollars to bury you, pre-funded funeral insurance may provide an affordable solution.

Funeral insurance is designed for people who don’t have money set aside to pay for their own burial costs and don’t want to leave that financial obligation to their loved ones.

Can I get funeral insurance for my parents?


First of all, your parents will be too proud of you after knowing your noble thought. You need to discuss with your parents regarding their expectations for their funeral functions.

This will help you to estimate the amount which you will invest in the burial insurance you will buy for your parents.

Death is unpredictable, yet an inevitable part of life. By contacting an insurance agent to get the latest funeral insurance quotes, a person can protect his or her loved ones after death.

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