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Accumulating wealth and protecting wealth are two very different things.

Research shows that it takes just two generations for a family to lose 70% of its net worth. By the third generation – it hits 90%. Protecting the inheritance of future generations requires proactive estate planning, an experienced attorney, and investments that can stand the test of time.

Talking about money is frequently discouraged as being impolite. When it comes to protecting your family assets, forget polite and go with smart. Talk with your family about your worth, your estate plan and the protections you’ve put in place.

Answer questions – don’t fudge on the hard stuff – it will just make for legal challenges later on.

This is also your chance to provide guidance on how to protect – and even grow – the next generation’s inheritance.

Asset Protection New York and Florida

Asset protection is perhaps the most misunderstood and neglected form of personal financial planning.

It simply involves trying to insulate private family assets and valuable business assets from possible future financial setbacks, family disagreements over finances and the failure of family businesses.

Legitimate asset-protection strategies should not be regarded as an attempt to bypass creditors.

There are some extremely straightforward strategies if you’re seeking to gain a high degree of asset protection.

Standard asset-protection steps include keeping assets in discretionary trusts; annuities; and having substantial life insurance policies.

Have your asked yourself these questions:

What would have happened to my personal assets and most valuable business assets if my financial position collapses through no fault of my own? How exposed are my personal and business assets? Could these assets be held or structured in a way that provides more asset protection?

The best way to protect your assets is with asset protection advice from specialists you can trust.

The Best Wealth Management Is Bespoke To Your Needs

The advice we give is tailored to your personal needs, objectives and goals. We will work with you to not only devise your strategy, but to regularly review it and ensure it adapts with the changes in your life and circumstances and remains on track to achieve your goals.

By partnering with Mintco Financial, we can guide you through the complex, shifting financial landscape before you.

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