2019 Medicare Enrollment Season Buffalo NY

  • The Medicare Open Enrollment Period (OEP) is back this year.
  • According to new CMS Guidance for Section 30.5, Chapter 2 of the Medicare Managed Care Manual.
  • 30.5 – Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MA OEP)
  • 42 CFR 422.62(a)(3) (Rev. 1, Issued: July 31, 2018; Effective/Implementation: 01-01-2019)
  • During the MA OEP, MA plan enrollees may enroll in another MA plan or disenroll from their MA plan and return to Original Medicare.
  • Individuals may make only one election during the MA OEP.
    Individuals may add or drop Part D coverage during the MA OEP.
  • Individuals enrolled in either MA-PD or MA-only plans can switch to:
  • MA-PD
  • MA-only
  • Original Medicare (with or without a stand-alone Part D plan)

The effective date for an MA OEP election is the first of the month following receipt of the enrollment request.

NOTE: The MA OEP does not provide an opportunity for an individual enrolled in Original Medicare to join a MA plan. It also does not allow for Part D changes for individuals enrolled in Original Medicare, including those enrolled in stand-alone Part D plans. The MA OEP is not available for those enrolled in Medicare Savings Accounts or other Medicare health plan types (such as cost plans or PACE).

Pay Less for Medicare Part D Premiums in 2019

CMS has announced that monthly Medicare Part D premiums are expected to fall from $33.59 in 2018 to $32.50 in 2019 as new policies to reduce Medicare’s drug costs take effect.

Earlier in 2018, CMS issued a final rule that made several changes to Medicare Part D drug purchasing such as increasing generic drug substitution across Medicare, lowering the cost of biosimilars for consumers, and expanding the number of available Part D plans and pharmacy options.

The changes to Medicare Part D align with a broader HHS campaign to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for patients. CMS Administrator Seema Verma said that HHS and CMS will likely add new program adjustments to increase savings and reduce beneficiary out-of-pocket costs.

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