2019 Medicare Open Enrollment Dates Tampa Bay

Medicare’s open enrollment season is just around the corner.

From Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, anyone already enrolled in the government-backed senior health and drug plans has the option to change coverage without restriction.

During this period, people have broad rights to change their Medicare coverage.

Historically, nearly everyone has preferred to stick to the coverage they have, despite overwhelming evidence they could save money and get better care if they switched to other Medicare plans.

While it’s an opportunity for Americans 65 and older to shop around for coverage, those satisfied with their policies can just stay put for 2019.

2019 Medicare Age Limit

Whether you are 65, 75 or 95, your Medicare is there for you.

2019 Medicare Oprn Enrollment Tampa Bay

The open enrollment period is an excellent time to review both medical and drug plans.

Most people automatically think about changes to the bottom line: premiums, co-payments and deductibles.

But insurance companies may not include your doctors or preferred hospital in their network for the coming year.

And the charges for prescription drugs may differ.

And don’t forget that your medical needs also change from year to year.

Shopping for Medicare is a laborious process that engulfs seniors, but it’s important.

Medicare will only pay for medical expenses and if Medicare doesn’t pay, then your Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan will not pay either.

2019 Medicare Open Enrollment #1 Question

I am fairly healthy and am not on any medications. I rarely get sick enough to go to the doctor and have no ongoing conditions. Is there any reason I should have other Medicare except Parts A and B?

No one likes to pay for insurance if they can avoid it.

No one likes to pay for insurance if they can avoid it.

In this case, she will face late-enrollment penalties for Part D drug coverage if she later needs it. These are permanent penalties and equal about 30 cents a month tacked on to the Part D premium for each month she is eligible for Part D but does not have coverage.

Otherwise, the big risk health seniors face is a surprise and expensive medical need — think cancer, a bad accident, etc. Part B covers only 80 percent of outpatient and doctors’ expenses, so people with only original Medicare are on the hook for 20 percent of a potentially large number.

Suggestion is to get a cheap Medicare Advantage plan. It won’t cost much beyond Part B and will include protection against catastrophic medical expenses.


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