2020 best Short Term Medical Insurance in Florida

2020 best Short Term Medical Insurance in Florida

There are many reasons why short term health insurance is an excellent choice for individuals looking for temporary coverage or an economical alternative. Here’s why:

We all have life circumstances that cause us to need different types of insurance from time to time, and you want options that fit your situation and your budget.

What is a  short term Medical Insurance

Short term health insurance is a temporary medical insurance plan that provides important coverage to protect you from unexpected medical bills. If you are among the following, you should consider the value of a short term plan:

  • Individuals and families looking for an alternative plan
  • Those who miss the open enrollment period
  • Temporarily unemployed
  • Looking for COBRA alternative
  • Adult children losing coverage from a parent’s plan when they turn 26 years old
  • Recent graduates who do not have coverage under a parent’s plan
  • Employees without group health insurance coverage
  • Waiting for employer benefits to start
  • Uninsured due to life circumstances
  • Not eligible to apply for coverage on the marketplace during the special enrollment period

3 Benefits of Short Term Medical Insurance

1. Potential Insurance Savings

Many individuals in the U.S. are struggling to pay for health insurance coverage, especially those who are recovering from a recent job loss.

COBRA insurance can be unattainable due to the cost.

One advantage of short term health insurance plans is that they can offer temporary health insurance benefits that take individuals and families to their next permanent insurance coverage for less than COBRA.

And, short term health insurance can cover your spouse and any dependents, which makes it viable for families of any size.

Bear in mind that short term medical insurance plans do not satisfy the health coverage requirement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

2. No Doctor or Hospital Network Restrictions on Classic Plans

When your spouse or child experiences a severe illness or injury, your primary concern is ensuring that they receive the best treatment possible from reliable clinicians at a reputable hospital.

However, many coverage providers have a limited selection of doctors and treatment facilities, forcing participants to work with in-network clinicians and locations in order for their medical care to be covered.

In the face of adverse health conditions and medical complications, most people prefer to choose their physician where they receive treatment without constraint.

3. Easy and Instant Approval

If you are currently uninsured for any reason, you need to be approved for a new insurance plan as quickly as possible.

After all, there are steep consequences for those who are injured or become ill without coverage.

Considering the financial costs of medical procedures and medication, just one serious health issue could put you and your family under serious financial strain, particularly if you’re already short on money due to unemployment or the loss of a loved one.

Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses can strike at any time. That’s why it’s imperative to choose an insurance provider that allows you access to coverage quickly and efficiently.

Signing up for one of our short term medical plans takes just minutes. When you begin the enrollment process you receive immediate notification if you are approved.

How Does Short Term Health Insurance Work?

Short Term Health Insurance helps you fill the insurance coverage gap while you are waiting to enroll in a long-term medical plan.

You may enroll in this type of coverage at any point during the year. No matter the reason you’re seeking coverage during this transition in your life, short term health care plans may be the solution for you.

Life can change in the blink of an eye and you want to make sure you and your loved ones have the protection you need with short term health insurance.


The premiums for Short Term Health Insurance are often significantly less expensive but still provide medical coverage for illnesses and injuries and include services such as emergency room, hospitalization, doctors, specialists, labs, and other important benefits.

How Do I Get Short Term Health Insurance?


At Mintco Financial, we offer a wide selection of short-term health insurance plans and can provide you with a free personalized short-term health insurance quote to help you stay covered and stay healthy!


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