2023 Best Burial Insurance in Texas

2023 Best Burial Insurance in Texas

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Best Burial Insurance in Texas

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No one likes to think about the idea of their own passing or the passing away of a loved one.

But when it comes to funeral and burial costs, planning ahead could save you or your family grief – and money.

Funeral expenses can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.

Without Burial Insurance, your family members may be left to cover these expenses out of pocket in the event of your passing.

Few families are prepared for the high costs of planning a funeral for their loved ones. Funeral costs like having a cremation, buying a casket, or planning a reception can add up to thousands of dollars.


Cremation in the USA can cost anywhere from $500 to $5000. The average cost is around $1500


A casket, the transport of the casket, and cemetery fees can equate to over $3000.


A mid-to-high-end funeral – including transport, cemetery fees, flowers, and a reception – can cost $10,000 or more.

What is a Burial Insurance?

Burial Insurance, which is also called funeral insurance or final expense insurance, can be purchased by those who care about their family members.

Though the finances could not replace your presence, the payout can relieve the members of your family from the financial burden which gets triggered by the passing of their loved one.

Burial Insurance is a No Medical Life Insurance

No, medical checks are not required to buy a Burial insurance policy.

Anyone between the ages of 40-80 years can buy Burial insurance.

Burial Insurance, premiums do not increase.

Once accepted your coverage can never be canceled due to changes in health for the life of the policy.

5 important things seniors interested in funeral insurance should ask in order to get the best quote:

  1. How much funeral insurance coverage do seniors need?
  2. What type of Burial Insurance can I qualify for given my age, current health condition, and any existing pre-conditions?
  3. How much will it cost?
  4. What policy aspects or common traps should I pay attention to?
  5. What is the best way to get Burial Insurance for seniors? 
How to get approved for Burial Insurance?

A burial insurance policy does not require a medical exam.

To get approval, you just need to answer a few medical questions on the application, and your medication history.

Once you qualify, most insurance companies can issue your policy in just a few days.

Once in force, a burial insurance policy can pay your funeral expenses quickly like: Burial plot, cemetery fees, grave marker, casket, cremation, embalming, flowers, hearse, and other final expenses.

In fact, some Burial Insurance policies have the ability to pay benefits in as fast as 24 hours without a  death certificate.

This is the main reason why most funeral homes accept it as direct payment without additional requirements. This can be a great advantage when covering your death-related expenses.

Why you should get a Burial Insurance 2023 Best Burial Insurance in Texas 
  • Burial insurance is often marketed to seniors as being something crucial that they should buy to protect loved ones from big expenses after they’re gone, but it’s actually just a form of life insurance.
  • Burial insurance is easy to get, with some companies requiring no medical exam; it’s inexpensive and is presented as a kindness an aging person can leave to loved ones.
  • Burial insurance offers middling benefits for beneficiaries, compared to what life insurance pays out; meanwhile, the premiums for both are roughly the same amount, depending on what time you choose.
  • Many people, even those in poor health, qualify for life insurance; if you pick term insurance, you may have issues renewing once the term ends, but with permanent insurance, you won’t have such problems.
  • Setting up a savings account for the express purpose of handling burial costs is another option for people who are older or ailing and want to help their family with expenses.

Is it Easy to Get Burial Insurance in Texas?

You can buy the policy online or on the telephone without being subjected to a medical exam.

Applicants are asked about age, smoking history, and whether they currently have some serious conditions, and for some policies, acceptance is guaranteed.

Some require a two-year premium-paying period before you can collect and only insure you to 100 years of age.

This may not seem like a problem, but one out of 10 people who survive to age 65 are now expected to live past 95.

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In conclusion, preplanning your funeral arrangements is one way to help your loved ones keep up with your passing financial burdens.

It almost covers everything from burial arrangements to memorial services. This way, your family will have everything arranged and in place.

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