3 Best Golf Gifts for Birthdays/Holidays 2018

Sure, golf can be an expensive game, but you don’t have to break the bank to get a great gift. 

Here are 3 Best Golf Gifts for Birthdays/Holidays

Tin Cup gives golfers the opportunity to personalize their golf balls with a ‘signature look.’ Based on the USGA Rule 12-2 that states all golfers must be able to “identify their balls” during play, the founders of Tin Cup saw an immediate need for this product. And they were right! Tin Cup is completely made in the USA and patented. It is a stainless steel ball marker that is guaranteed for life. www.tin-cup.com

A golf glove

Few golfers can get away without wearing a glove.

A glove is essential for several reasons: It won’t let the club slip in your sweaty hands; it prevents calluses and blisters; it prohibits the oils of your hands from prematurely wearing down your grips; it prevents premature sun-caused aging of your hand; and maybe most importantly to your golf game, it lets you relax your hand tension a bit — because you have the confidence of having traction on the club — and that allows you to take a more relaxed swing.

A fresh set of golf balls

Playing with fresh golf balls is imperative. And in this case, you might as well play with the latest models. 

If you don’t want to lay out $50 for a dozen premium balls, you still have plenty to pick from. Try Albatross Tour Golf Ball.

Professional’s and other low handicap golfer’s have tested this product, and everyone has rated it from outstanding to very good, both in quality and performance.

It’s important to understand the best golf ball for your game depends on several factors including your handicap, swing speed, and equipment specifications.

See the video below for reviews about this new awesome Tour Golf Ball.

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