3 Best Life Insurance for Seniors over 75 

For younger people, term life insurance is often the best option. However, insurance for people over 75 years old is different.

At this age, term and permanent coverage are often very close in price.

What if I am taking some medications?

Insurance companies know that as we age we will be taking medications for such things as high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as some others and in many instances they will still issue a policy at normal or standard rates.

 3 Best Life Insurance for Seniors over 75 

  • No medical exam life insurance. Typically, seniors are hard to insure under standard policies. There is always the alternative of choosing medical life insurance without medical exam. No medical insurance policies are issued without a medical exam. Some policy types could be also available without any health-related questions. It means that it is much easier to qualify for this insurance and get necessary protection.Besides being very accessible to senior citizens, this policy also is processed really fast. The cost is again a major disadvantage, since no exam life insurance is one of the most expensive policies on the market.


  • Final expense insurance. As seniors enter their golden years, many reflect on their life and the legacy they wish to leave behind. Many also realize end-of-life costs, especially funerals, can cause a burden for their loved ones. With the best interest of their family and for their own peace of mind, they turn to funeral insurance for seniors.This is a simple, low-cost straightforward policy. Premiums are really cheap because the savings goal is not that big. Typically the amount of coverage is around $10.000. Companies that sell final expense insurance usually do not ask any medical question in order to issue this policy. There are many variables that affect the cost of a funeral, such as a casket vs. cremation, the choice of flowers, having a viewing, broadcasting the service for those that cannot fly in and choosing to serve refreshments for the guests. Since the cost can vary greatly depending on these variables, funeral insurance costs vary too. To determine the amount of coverage needed, first plan and price out your preferred funeral. With that cost in mind, you can better select your coverage.


  • Simplified issue policy: A short medical questionnaire – no exam – is all it takes to get you qualified for simplified issue. This is the go-to policy for most people with pre-existing conditions. The premiums are not as high as guaranteed issue, but they are higher than traditional policies. Coverage usually goes up to $300,000, which is, again, can be the difference between affording medical care and final expenses or experiencing financial ruin.

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