3 EASY Ways to get Life Insurance Seniors

There are 3 easy ways to get Life Insurance Seniors No MEDICAL:

1.Final Expense Life Insurance

This is also known as burial insurance.

This kind of life insurance policy is typically purchased by people who are between the ages of 50 and 90.

This kind of coverage is used to pay for funeral and burial costs associated with dying, so that your family members or close friends don’t have to take on that burden.

This policy can be used to pay for a headstone, a memorial service, and other associated costs surrounding your death.

It is essentially a life insurance policy, but with a much smaller benefit amount than traditional life insurance.

It’s usually purchased to cover final arrangements, but can also be used to pay the deceased’s debts, including medical bills, credit card bills, mortgage loans, and personal loans.

2.Guaranteed Acceptance or no medical exam life insurance

Finally, a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy doesn’t require policyholders to undergo a medical examination during the process of underwriting the policy.

This kind of policy is best for people who might have adverse health conditions that make it difficult to find other kinds of affordable life insurance.

These policies can be purchased quickly, as the medical examination doesn’t need to be conducted for the policy to be approved.

  1. A Simplified Life Insurance policy refers to an easy-to-obtain form of life insurance.

It typically means that the policy can be garnered without many questions and usually without a medical exam. This type of insurance is also referred to as “simplified issue life insurance” or “no exam” life insurance.

Life Insurance Seniors No Medical Exam Companies

Companies that don’t require a medical exam for potential policyholders can help eliminate the potential for getting denied coverage.

They often won’t deny you based on health conditions, age or other factors.

No medical exam life insurance policies come with beneficial time and convenience factors too.

A life insurance company not requiring a medical exam can get you approved for a policy in a shorter time period.

This is because they’re not waiting on paramedical professionals to connect with potential clients.


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