4 Best Life Insurance Options for Seniors

4 Best Life Insurance options for seniors:

No Medical Life Insurance – Get insured without the need for a medical exam. All you need to get covered is just to answer a few “Yes or No” health questions.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance – Get insured in days by answering a few health questions. Available up to age 85. Some policies can get you covered even if you’ve been rejected before.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance – Insurance that you cannot be denied for under any circumstances. No medical exam or health questions needed. A great solution for planning for your final affairs.

Funeral Insurance – Specialized insurance plans that provide for your funeral costs and final expenses. A medical exam is not required to get covered.

The need for life insurance doesn’t change as we age, just what we need it for. If you’re over 65, the life insurance market has specialized plans that take into account your coverage needs, your financial situations, and even your state of health.

Life insurance rates vary widely by insurance company, so no matter your age, you should get quotes from several insurers for the same amount and type of coverage. 

Before you buy a policy, you need to clearly understand your particular needs. There are so many different reasons why a senior would purchase a policy.

The most important thing to get straight, regardless of your reason for buying life insurance as a senior, is that there is an affordable policy for almost any situation.

When it comes to finding the best life insurance for seniors, there are a variety of choices available to you. It all depends on your needs, your current health and budget considerations.

Some policies will not be suitable for your needs, so you need to consider all your options carefully.

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