8 tips to get the Best Financial Advisor Tampa Florida

A financial plan addresses all the risks that affect your finances, not just those in the stock market. While investing can be a grand hobby for some, estate planning and insurance planning rarely are.

Think about:

Do you cut your own hair? Do you fill your own teeth? Do you get underneath the car and change the brakes?

You screw up with your money in your earning years, there are no do-overs.

8 tips to get the Best Financial Advisor Tampa Florida

  • Number one rule in picking an advisor: no friends, no family members, no nieces or nephews who are trying to launch their careers. No. This is a business relationship. So it’s so important to have the right advisor and quality advice.
  • When shopping for an advisor, ask them for a plan of how they see your money and what they’re going to do with it. In particular, ask what special qualifications and experience they have, what they do that is different from other advisors, what level of service can I expect, what about their track record, their results/returns, how do they charge (fees or commissions) and how much can I expect to pay.
  • In the end it boils down to a gut decision. Who do you resonate with, who do you feel most comfortable with.
  • They have a clear strategy. Just as you wouldn’t take a trip across the country without a map, you shouldn’t try to steer your financial future without a clear direction. And if life circumstances change, as they often do, your advisor should take them under consideration and help you revise your financial plan.
  • They take a proactive approach. Good advisors keep the lines of communication open, updating you on current financial issues and opportunities. They help make complex financial concepts easy to understand. A financial advisor that withholds information or doesn’t take the time to clearly explain his or her recommendations is not worth your time (or money).
  • They take a holistic view of your finances. Sound financial advice is based on more than just your income level or the types of asset classes you invest in. A good financial advisor will take the time to learn about your full financial situation, investigating your banking, investment, insurance and credit needs. Only by understanding your spending habits, debt obligations, life goals and more can a financial advisor begin to develop a meaningful and accurate strategy.
  • They work with you. A good financial advisor will meet with you – and your significant others – regularly throughout the year. And that level of attention should continue every year of your relationship. Too many times, people meet with an advisor, develop a plan, and then simply get statements in the mail.
  • They put your interests first. Professional advisors tailor your plan to meet your goals. They don’t push products on you simply to meet quota or to get the biggest commission. Check whether your advisor represents a wide range of products and service options or if they’re restricted to only proprietary solutions their company sells.

Mintco Financial Independent Advisors Tampa Florida

Life is complicated – investments, taxes, retirement planning, estate planning, cash flow, insurance, philanthropy. All these areas intersect. We help you structure and integrate them into a single, streamlined plan that encompasses both big-picture strategy and detailed execution.

At Mintco Financial, You’re more than a client to us. You’re a person, with responsibilities, passions and aspirations. The better we know you and your family, the better we are at conceiving and implementing financial strategies that propel you where you want to go.

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