The Easy Way to get Life Insurance Seniors over 60

Life insurance for women seniors is comforting as one ages It really is comforting to have some life insurance in place so that when one partner goes, the other one will have some cash to look after final expenses and to top up their pension plan. Frequently  it has been seen only the husband has insurance due to affordability.

When one partner passes, the government benefits are significantly reduced and having some extra cash around to supplement that loss is a good thing.

Life Insurance Seniors over 60 No Medical Exam

Don’t assume you will not qualify for a normal seniors life insurance policy because you are taking some medications Insurance companies know that as we age we will be taking medications for such things as high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as some others and in many instances they will still issue a policy at normal or standard rates.

Mintco Financial Team of Advisors are experts at both asking the questions and then getting quotes from a number of companies based on these answers. Mintco Financial Advisors work to get the best rates.


A joint last to die or joint first to die might save money and meet your needs If you are looking for a payment if either partner passes, then a joint first to die life insurance policy can save money and if you want a payment when the last partner passes to cover estate taxes, leave a legacy for children, grandchildren or a charity then a joint last to die life insurance policy could save a lot of money.

If you are a female then you should also check out if the insurer provides discounts for women. Many insurers offer women’s policy at a cheaper rate, as an average women’s life span is slightly longer than that of men’s.

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