What you should do if you are the Powerball Winner?
You should get a team of financial advisers and lawyers to help you manage your financial future.
“At this point, you can you afford to bring in some people who can provide you with some good advice. Just because somebody says, ‘My next door neighbor’s
brother-in-law is a lawyer you should talk to him.’ Make sure you find yourself a good lawyer, good financial analyst and take their advice very early
Also, wait to claim your money.
“You got to do a couple of things. First thing do you is sign the ticket. … The reason is it’s the ticket that’s the winner. You want to make sure that
there’s no question. There’s a lot of people that would love to get their hands on that ticket. Sign it, put it in a safe place. The safe place is
not a shoe box in your closet. Get to your local bank. …Take some time to settle in, get your team in place, make sure you know what’s going on here,
get the advice. You don’t have to run out and tell everybody because what you’ll get, everybody in the world will be after you saying, ‘Hey why don’t
you share some of your wealth with us?’ Take some time and get things sorted out with the team.”
Remember your Team will be your financial advisers and your lawyers.

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