Simply put, most financial advisors serve people  who already have lots of money. If you’re not wealthy, it can be hard to get  objective, unbiased
financial advice about your total financial picture. It can also be difficult to put together a financial plan on your own. If you’re looking to make an
investment, buy a financial product or plan for the longer term, whether or not you need financial advice will depend on a number of factors such as what
product you are looking for, how complicated your finances and personal circumstances are and your short and long-term goals. It is possible to find a
financial planner who serves less affluent clients. Mintco Financial Team of Independent Financial Advisors provide personal and affordable financial advice
to Americans in the middle class. A one-on-one relationship is an important factor to many of those seeking a trusted and professional financial adviser.
Working with Mintco Financial Advisors, middle class Americans will develop a financial plan and set a course of action toward a strong financial future
based on what is most important to them. Advisors at Mintco Financial are fiduciary and independent means they ONLY work for you and not for banks. Mintco
Financial Advisors bring access to high quality independent financial advice to everyday people. ” Our team of independent financial advisors provide high
quality independent financial advice at an affordable cost. Our services cover most financial matters and include specialist advice in relation to socially
responsible and ethical investment. In particular we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients can rest assured their money is invested in ways congruent
with their personal values.” – says Michael Minter, one of the managing partners of Mintco Financial. Mintco Financial Advisors are affordable! Call us
today at 813-964-7100 or visit our website at
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