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Finding an affordable and reasonably priced life insurance policy with diabetes is challenging, but it’s not impossible. It just requires you to be patient and spend a bit more time researching your options.

Being educated on the factors insurers look at to determine whether you qualify for their policies, can help you find a company that will insure you.

Knowing the criteria insurers evaluate you on, can also help you manage your life to improve the conditions that are within your control.

Are there are contributing factors associated with diabetes that affect the ability to purchase life insurance?

      Yes. To minimize the risk of diabetes, life insurance companies are interested in such factors as:
  • How is it being controlled? Medication, such as insulin or metformin or through exercise and diet.
  • What are the blood sugar readings? Blood glucose meter readings taken at regular intervals will monitor how well controlled the diabetes has been.
  • What is your BMI (body mass index)? The BMI provides a measurement to determine how you compare to those with a healthy body weight.
  • What is your physical activity regimen? Regular physical exercise helps with managing stress, decreasing blood sugar levels and general well-being.

Knowing how to present your condition to insurers and brokers can also help you receive more favorable treatment.

Most consumers don’t realize that every insurance company has different underwriting guidelines depending on your condition. If you suffer from diabetes and you need to buy life insurance, one insurance company may approve you at a Preferred rating while an entirely different company may offer you a Standard rating. The difference between the two could be a 50% increase in your premium.

If your life insurance agent isn’t aware of what the best carriers are for diabetes, you could be left paying way too much. Even worse is if your insurance agent is not independent then they won’t be able to shop it to multiple carriers and get you the lowest rate.

That’s why it’s  important to have an experienced independent agent working for you. Not taking the time to find the right agent could be a very costly mistake.

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