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Annuity in Retirement: lifetime income. Whatever your retirement aspirations may be, there are certain financial factors you may need to consider when you retire. As you may no longer receive income from employment, you will need to think about how to ensure your savings can support your lifestyle for the duration of your retirement. You may also need to think about the possible impact of adverse market movements on your retirement income, and the impact that inflation can have on the future purchasing power of your savings.

With Americans now living longer than ever before, you could enjoy a retirement period upwards of 30 years. With this in mind, the investment decisions you make today about your retirement funds are crucial for ensuring those funds will last for as long as you need them to. That’s where an annuity may help.

What is an annuity? An annuity can provide a guaranteed level of regular income throughout your retirement, providing you with peace of mind. You get the comfort of knowing exactly how much income you’ll receive and how long it will last and your annuity income won’t fluctuate with movements in financial markets. The annuity provider bears all the market risk and provides you with guaranteed payments for the term of the investment.

Annuities are often used as part of a retirement portfolio because they are intended to provide a reliable source of income over a long period of time. An annuity might be right for you if you want to:

• receive a guaranteed regular income for a term or your lifetime, regardless of market changes

• select from a range of flexible income options, including:

* fixed term or lifetime options, and fixed percentage or inflation-linked income payments

* choice of income payment frequency c the ability to withdraw and guaranteed benefits paid if you die d the ability to nominate and pass your income stream onto a selected beneficiary if you die during the term

* the ability for a withdrawal to be made by a selected beneficiary if you die during the term.

If you have questions or need to review your retirement planning and check if an annuity would fit in your portfolio call us at 716 565 1300 or visit www.MintcoFinancial.com and schedule a complimentary meeting.