Are you at age 60? Are you thinking that you should have life insurance coverage to protect the financial future of your loved ones?

It is not too late.

There are many reasons to purchase life insurance when you are 60 years old. The death benefit may be used as burial insurance. Without covering your funeral costs with insurance, you will have to set aside some of your retirement savings, instead. With life insurance, a much smaller portion of your savings, if any at all, can be diverted to paying for your funeral.

Buying life insurance also may help offset any estate taxes due.

Making sure that you have enough life insurance to pay for funeral costs allows you to not burden your family after the time of your death, and that should give you peace of mind. Additionally, ensuring that your family has enough money to cover estate taxes will be the best way to take care of their financial future.

If you’re over 60 and looking to buy life insurance, you might be afraid that your age will make life insurance unaffordable. People over 60 typically have at least a few health issues, so you also might be worried that these problems will make your premiums astronomical.

It’s true that life insurance for seniors over 60 is a different ballgame than life insurance for younger people. But there is , even for those with health problems.

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