Best Burial Insurance for Elderly

Best Burial Insurance for Elderly

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Burial insurance may be just enough life insurance coverage for your needs.

It is a bare-bones life insurance policy that is essentially used to pay for funeral expenses.

You can borrow against its value, but that goes against the point.

The average burial insurance policy is only worth about $25,000 and should only be used for all final expenses.

You can apply for coverage over the phone.

Best of all, you don’t have to go for a medical exam.

You can name a beneficiary who will be charged with using the policy to pay for your final expenses.

With Burial Insurance For Seniors, coverage is immediate.

Burial Insurance For Seniors offers affordable burial insurance for seniors.

Many people in the USA don’t realize how expensive final expenses can be, and they can often get caught out.

Having burial and final expense insurance can help to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Life insurance doesn’t just help to cover the cost of lost income, it can also provide relief from highly expensive funereal and burial costs.

Best Burial Insurance for Elderly Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance 

If you have already applied for life insurance and have been declined as a result of an investigative report, it’s your right to be notified and given the information of the reporting company the insurer consulted.

If health problems are so severe that you’re deemed “uninsurable”classified as a substandard risk or if life insurance is simply too expensive for you, you need to know that there are companies out there that offer guaranteed issue life insurance.

In such cases, the insurance policy is offered in smaller face amounts as previously noted; the typical limit being to .

The full face amount is paid if there is an accidental death, but if the causes of death are natural, the benefit will be limited to the total of premiums, plus interest, for at least the first couple of years of the policy.

Once that time limit has passed, the benefits will be equal to the face amount.

 What is a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance ?

Premium is fully dependent on age, Gender and Coverage Amount.

There is No Medical Questions or medical exam required on the application for approval, it is life insurance guaranteed approval.

What Does Burial Insurance Cover ?

 In brief, these are Life Insurance Quotes for Seniors. That are Ideally, meant to cover the costs of Final Expenses.

Such as, Burial, cremation or any other funeral insurance expenses.

The Burial insurance quotes on this page are permanent whole life insurance plans, that means that you will not have to worry about your funeral insurance expiring or cancelling due to age or health. 

When applying for funeral insurance there is no medical exam required to get approved.

How Much Burial Insurance Do I Need ?

The coverage amounts for burial Insurance plans typically range from as low as a $1,000 in coverage up to $40,000 on average. 

Senior Life Insurance is usually intended to cover funerals, cremation or any other final expenses.

How much is the average cost of a funeral 

So, what is the average cost of burial insurance today? 

Traditionally the cost of a funeral in most states is anywhere between $8,000-$12,000. Burial/ funeral expenses can add up.

With this in mind, here is a list of burial expenses that are typically associated with a traditional service. (Cremation would be less in cost and the cost of funeral expenses will vary from state to state):

  • funeral home (ceremony)
  • casket
  • flowers
  • location
  • funeral directors fee
  • transportation (limousine, hearse)
  • gravesite
  • embalming etc…

Burial insurance coverage is insurance to cover the financial burden you will endure when your parents pass away.

Cremation or burial – which is the right choice for you?

While it can be emotionally difficult to plan for your passing, making decisions now and discussing them with your family will make things much easier for them when you’re gone, especially financially.

One of the most important and personal decisions you’ll have to make is whether to opt for cremation or a burial.

Traditionally, being buried was the preferred option, but since 2015 the rate of cremation has been higher than burials.

In fact, the National Funeral Directors Association estimates that cremations now account for more than 70% of funerals in USA metropolitan areas.

People are choosing this option for financial, practical and environmental concerns, as well as there being fewer religious prohibitions.

Your loved ones deserve peace of mind.

For many of us, friends and family are the most important thing in life.

You can always rely on them during hard times so it’s nice to ensure they’re looked after when it matters most.

That’s where Burial Life insurance for Seniors can help.

Burial Life Insurance for Seniors gives your loved ones a lump-sum payout when you pass away, helping to cover your funeral or other expenses left behind.

This makes a difficult time much easier for those closest to you, letting them honour your last wishes without the added stress or expense.

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