BEST Burial Insurance for Seniors over 70: Pay Funeral Costs


Best Burial Insurance for Seniors over 70 policies have a low or moderate value, as they are primarily meant to help offset those expenses associated with a funeral.

This type of Life Insurance, the funds paid out by the policy go toward payment of funeral expenses, though this is not a requirement.

Burial Insurance is a form of Whole Life Insurance offered by insurance companies.


How to find the Best Burial Insurance over 70?


The best way to find the Best Burial Insurance over 70 is to compare quotes or call your independent agent.

There will be some basic health questions such as current medicines you take, height, weight, tobacco use and current health conditions.

MOST people will qualify for coverage with no waiting periods, no rate increases, and lifetime coverage and usually at better rates than the offers you get daily through your mail.

 8 Things you need to consider before taking a Burial Insurance Policy:

• Is there any guarantee that the money will be used for payment of funeral expenses? Or will the beneficiary be able to spend it as they wish?

• Is the regular amount you pay the same over time or does it rise as you get older?

• Will you be able to afford to keep making payments into the future? For example, after you retire, your income may be smaller or your other expenses may increase.

• How long do you need to keep paying? Is there an ending date?

• What is the total cost of the policy likely to be over your lifetime?

• How does this compare to the total cost of a funeral? Ask your funeral director what expenses are likely to be.

• What happens to your cover if you have to stop or miss some payments?

• Is there a waiting period before your cover is effective?


Reason to buy Burial Insurance for Seniors over 70

Planning how you’ll pay for your funeral can be a difficult thing to talk about, especially with your loved ones.

However, making a plan for your funeral can save your family a significant amount of money and minimize their stress should the worst happen.

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