Best Cross Border Financial Advisor in the USA

Best Cross Border Financial Advisor in the USA

Moving to the US, or any other country for that matter means making a complete review of your financial arrangements to ensure that these are tax efficient and fit for purpose for your new situation.

You need to speak to advisers who have cross-border expertise and who understand pensions and investment and financial planning strategies in both the US and Canada.

Much like financial planning, transition planning is a process and not a transaction or an end in itself. And like financial planning, the most effective transition planning hinges on a clear understanding of what you want to achieve in terms of lifestyle both now and in the future.

One of our key roles as cross-border financial planners is to learn where you are trying to go (aka, your goals and objectives) and then design a detailed plan to test the viability of your goals/objectives and ultimately get you to your destination. After all, without a flight plan, how can you know which direction to go?

After all, relocating without proper planning could quickly sour your dreams and result in a disjointed financial plan with higher taxation, poor estate planning, and enhanced risk.

Expatriate advice

  • Are you an expatriate living abroad who seeks professional advice on your investments?
  • Are you planning to move back to the USA and seek advice on the best structuring for tax efficiency?
  • Worried about how to manage both foreign exchange and investment risk?
  • Will your professional advisors (your lawyer, accountant & financial planner) work well together in your best interests?

Mintco Financial’s independent financial planners have personal expertise in managing wealth domiciled across the USA and Canada. We can guide you confidently through complicated cross-border investing and taxation issues. As qualified financial planners, accountants, tax experts, and lawyers, Mintco Financial planners can work seamlessly with your existing legal and accounting advisors.


Best Cross Border Financial Advisor in the USA: Mintco Financial

  • Independent financial advice in your best interests
  • Confidence, clarity, and direction. We take away your money concerns.
  • Guide your family through some of life’s most important and stressful financial decisions
  • Fees are completely transparent, fixed, and agreed upon upfront.

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