Best Fee Only Investment Advisor in Florida-New York

Best Fee Only Investment Advisor in Florida- New York:
If you are nearing retirement or retired, properly maintaining a balanced investment strategy can help you to safeguard your assets against the risks of inflation and deal with the volatility of the markets. 
Before discussing some specific strategies to consider, it is important to understand that:
  •  Economic downturns and stock market corrections are normal and expected, and while no one can accurately predict the timing or the length of these occurrences, the good news is that history tells us that the markets will eventually recover. 
  • Attempting to “time the market” by moving in and out of the stock market is not a viable investment strategy. Numerous studies have shown that missing less than 1% of the best trading days in the stock market can dramatically reduce your investment returns. No one can consistently predict the best or worse trading days, and so staying consistently invested is of critical importance.
  • Stocks are not the only investment that has some degree of risk. Investing in only cash has the risk that you will not be able to maintain your standard of living due to the significant impact from inflation. Bonds have risk not only in keeping up with inflation but also from market value changes related to changes in market interest rates.

 6 Specific Investment Strategies to consider: 

 Bear in mind that no type of financial strategy makes sense for all people, but rather these are some strategies to consider  within your own individual situation:
  •  Invest Consistently – If you are in your working years, continue to invest your savings in a manner consistent with your investment plan. Do not try to outguess the direction of the market, as you can easily miss the benefits of a market recovery.
  •  Diversify Consistently – Be wary of concentrations in your investment portfolio, whether it relates to investment in your employer’s stock, other individual investments, or categories of investments. A diversified portfolio is important to minimize volatility in your portfolio, and recent declines in the market may make this an extremely good time to further diversify your portfolio.
  • Rebalance Consistently – At least annually, rebalance your investments to match your targeted asset allocation. Your investment allocation (equities versus bonds versus cash) is the most important element in determining the returns and the volatility of your investments. Rebalancing even during major moves in the market provides an important discipline in the management of your investment portfolio.
  • Plan Taxes Consistently – While income tax strategies should not totally drive your investment or financial planning decisions, taxes are an important factor to be considered. Estimating your tax situation (such as your marginal tax rate, exemption/deduction phase-out levels, alternative minimum tax) can help you understand the impact of realizing investment losses for tax purposes; taking capital gains; planning for IRA contributions, withdrawals, or conversions; exercising stock options; paying for tax deductable expenses; etc.   
  • Manage Risk Consistently – Not all risk comes from fluctuations in the financial markets. Don’t become so focused on your investment risk that your family’s financial plans do not properly minimize other risks, considering issues such as health care, employment disability, personal liability, premature death, etc.
  • Develop a Financial Plan and Monitor it Consistently – Everyone needs to have clearly defined goals, with investments that are aligned with these goals, your risk tolerance, and your investment horizon. Keep your eye on this big picture, rather than losing sleep over the day-to-day financial headlines. If you are not comfortable in developing this plan or in evaluating other financial strategies, this is an excellent time to consult with a Fee-Only Investment Advisor.

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