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Fee-only Financial,Advisor means that you pay only for the advice and the time that the advisor works for you.

The fee-only relationship minimizes conflicts of interest.

Fee-only financial planners are registered investment advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to act in their clients’ best interest.

When you interview a potential planner, you’ll want a clear explanation from the adviser what they’ll do for you, and at what cost. Some planners will give you a big book filled with analysis, charts and options. Others prefer producing shorter guides, focusing more on the conversation, something of a more organic approach. You should know what to expect. I’d also find out what is the cost of a return visit. A year from now you may have accumulated additional questions.

How to find a Fee Only Financial Advisor?

A fee only financial advisor should ask about all aspects of your life (health, relationships, liabilities) – not just ask “how much money do you have?”.

Do your homework if you’re looking for an objective financial advisor. Registered Investment Advisory firms (RIAs) are answerable to state or federal authorities. Authorities are empowered to conduct spot audits and require a relatively high standard of compliance.

No matter where you find your planner, vet him or her. Think about the care with which we select doctors or people who cut your hair. You should approach this relationship with the same keen eye.

Ask friends and family whether they have a financial planner they trust. If they like their financial planner, odds are that you will too. If no one you know has a financial planner, ask your accountant or lawyer or another trusted professional for recommendations. Also go online and check local independent financial firms.

In the end, this is about finding the best financial planner for your specific situation. You want someone who is in a position to make the best possible recommendations for the goals you’re looking to achieve.

No single revenue model can guarantee someone will be able to do that. Not all fee-only financial planners are good, and certainly not all commission-based or fee-based planners are bad. It is by no means that black and white.

We think planning is personal, and we make sure our services are delivered that way, whether you walk into our office or interact with us via web and phone.

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