Best Fee Only Financial Planner Bay Area

Best Fee Only Financial Planner Bay Area

There vare 5 Ways a Fee Only Financial Planner in Bay Area WILL help you! Here are some situations to think through to help you decide if it makes sense to hire a professional to provide investment and financial advice to you at this point in your life.

  1. If you don’t know whether you have enough to retire …

Many people decide when to retire based on their age, but a better indicator of retirement readiness is how much you’ve saved and will have available to cover the remaining years of your life.

Have you set a target for the total amount of money you’d like to have available to cover your expenses through retirement? Is that amount based on a realistic picture of how much it will cost you to continue to live your desired lifestyle? Is it enough to cover medical expenses, which typically rise as we age? Have you saved at a rate high enough to meet those goals?

If you’re 55 years old or older and don’t know if you have enough to reach your goals it might be time to visit with a financial advisor.

At that age, you have just 10 years or so remaining to save to meet any gaps. It might be tempting to consider investments which could potentially offer higher returns, but not at the time of life when increased risk should be avoided.

A financial planner can help set reasonable goals, and paint a realistic picture of what to expect from your retirement – as well as what you can feasibly accomplish now to improve that picture.

  1. If you are in the 45 – 55 age bracket you might be at a point in your life where your income is getting higher, but your commitments and expenses are also greater. A fee only financial advisor in Tampa Bay can show you how your investments and pension can flourish while maintaining financial security through an insurance protection plan.

This is also a good time to look at pre – retirement strategies so when the time comes, you have a sound plan in place to take you smoothly into retirement.

​In your pre-retirement years, you’ll need our advice more than ever to help you to organise and enjoy your retirement. The run up to retirement presents some unique opportunities to restructure your pension and investments, save money on tax and ensure you’ve set yourself up for a worry-free future.


A financial planner can help when you’re anticipating a big life change such as having a first child or getting married.

A financial planner would not only help you evaluate the effect of the additional costs of childcare and saving for college, but could also share strategies for prioritizing, such as encouraging you to stay on track with your retirement savings before saving for college, then assist you with the best ways to save toward these goals.

The fee only financial advisor could weigh the pros and cons of staying home versus childcare in terms of financials, and see if you could afford to stay home with your new baby—and see how long you could swing it.


The planner would help clarify whether the money should be used to pay down debt, to increase lifestyle expenses such as buying a larger home, or to invest.

If you decide to invest, the planner would help evaluate your risk tolerance and would decide how to invest the money amongst different asset classes, such as U.S. or international stocks.

One great value that planners have with investing is reminding you to stick to your plans when there are market events. It’s easy to panic when we see the value of our accounts drop due to a stock market downturn; a financial planner will talk you off the ledge by reminding you that you are a long-term investor, and the dips are part of the ride.


Sometimes, people don’t realize that they have enough cash to start going on more vacations, to start having more fun. If you are doing everything you should do to fund your goals, the remaining cash is gravy. If finances allow, enjoy life along the way, as no one is guaranteed tomorrow.

3 MUST HAVE’s in a  fee only financial advisor in  Bay Area

  1. Possess the 5 qualities.If those qualities are necessary to become a good investor, then that also must exist for a good advisor. I have met many advisors who lack these qualities and they give my industry a bad name. To review, a good advisor has the time, expertise, knowledge, resources and passion to invest.
  2. Good advice goes far beyond investing.Most people go to financial advisors to help them invest money. The reality is good financial planning and good tax planning goes much farther than good investment planning. A good financial advisor will recognize this truth.
  3. Product vs advice.A good financial advisor will recognize that advice is the distinguishing characteristic. Product is simply a tool but you must know where those tools fit and when to use them. Far too many advisors focus on the tools because they focus too much on how they are going to get paid. The best financial advisors across the country focus more on giving good advice and the products are simply an extension of that advice. If you are concerned about objectivity of advice, recognize that there are more and more financial advisors (even full service) who offer mutual funds on a no load basis. In the future there will also be a greater number of fee-for-service brokers who will charge for advice and not product.

In the end, it boils down to two key issues: trust and competence. You must find a financial advisor who is competent in his or her field.

Some objective qualities to look for are education, experience, industry association membership, and references. You must also trust this person.

A financial advisor handles one of the most important tangible assets in your life. Ask yourself if you can see yourself working with this person for a long period of time.  Unfortunately, finding this financial advisor is not easy.


Everyone would like to feel financially secure and financially free.

There are many ways to reach this goal, amongst these wise investing, committed saving and remaining out of bad debt

However if your portfolio management seems a bit overwhelming, the temptation to over spend never too far away, or you still aren’t seeing the expected results of your own financial planning, it may be time to call in the professionals.

Hiring a financial advisor could be a solution to create a strategy that effectively prepares you for your financial future.

Financial advisors’ can help their clients analyze their personal circumstances, recommend products for them to invest in and compile a financial plan to achieve their goals.

However just like any financial investment, hiring an advisor is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Mintco Financial has a team of highly-qualified advisors who provide clients with sound and impartial investment advice. They provide advice on an individual basis and tailor investment strategies for each client separately based on their specific circumstances.

Mintco Financial is a MEMBER OF FINRA/SIPC and has been voted for years in a row on the top four boutique wealth management/financial planning firms in Florida and WNY. Find out more about our services.

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