Best Fee Only Financial Planner Tampa Bay

Best Fee Only Financial Planner Tampa Bay

Most people need an “accountability buddy” to maximize the chances of financial independence. 

What is a Fee Only Financial Planner Tampa Bay

Fee Only Financial Planner Tampa Bay is paid a flat dollar amount for financial planning or investment advice.

Advice can be paid for on an hourly, annual, or per project basis.

Fees starting at $ 250 to $10,000 are not based on your portfolio size or product purchased.

What a financial plan includes?

A financial plan includes risk analysis in regards to a comprehensive look at in the case of injury, illness, or death.

Estate and tax planning is also an essential part of a financial plan.

Asset/investment analysis and planning is is just one part of a financial plan but it cannot be discussed or evaluated properly without a comprehensive risk tolerance assessment. Without this, investment allocation is impossible.

 Is Fee Only Financial Planner for you?

Fee Only is for everyonefor families, small business owners, young adults, no matter the income!

Fee Only is cost effective saving you $1000s per year, and far more affordable than traditional methods!

Fee Only is cost transparent you know exactly what you are paying and the value you get.

Fee Only is unbiased – working for you.

Our alternative is a comprehensive NEEDS-BASED approach, NOT product-focused. It involves making the most of what you have, then finding solutions to fill the gaps.

In the end, it is up to individual investors to seek out an Advisor that is best suited to their own needs.

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