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Advice costs money, so the trick is to know how you’re paying for it and be comfortable with that.

Some Advisors offer different ways that you can pay for advice but basically there are 3 basic models:

Fee-based advisors have a hybrid business model. These types of advisors not only earn compensation from the fees that are paid by their clients on portfolios they manage, but they also receive payment through the discounts or commissions from the products they’re licensed to sell, including mutual funds with higher fees and up-front sales loads.

Fee-only financial planners and advisors are registered advisors with the fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of their clients. You rarely find them at large banks or brokerage houses. They are more often found at independent investment or financial planning boutiques. They don’t sell or accept compensation for financial products, which means that they have fewer conflicts of interest and, as a result, offer higher quality client service. Instead of directly selling financial products to their clients, they work with trusted professionals to get the products their clients seek or need, without any fee splitting.Fee-only advisors have no inherent conflicts of interest, they don’t accept fees or compensation based on product sales, and they generally provide more comprehensive advice.

Fee-only advisors do not receive commissions for selling financial products. Rather, they are compensated either hourly, with a retainer or by a percentage based on assets they manage, reducing conflicts of interest.

RIAs are professional and independent advisors typically found at boutiques and firms independent of large banks, brokerage houses, insurance companies and other large financial institutions. Like many financial advisors, they offer their clients personalized financial and planning advice, but often for more complex financial needs. As independent advisors, they are not tied to any specific investment products or particular family of funds and are, in fact, legally bound to serve only the interests of the client and are held to the highest standard of care in their role as fiduciaries. These advisors are registered with state securities agencies and the Securities and Exchange Commission and are regulated by both. They are fee-only advisors.

Fee Only Financial Advisor Fees Florida-New York

Becoming a fee-only financial advisor means choosing to subject my firm to the highest level of fiduciary standard. There are no exceptions for special circumstances, types of account or any other loopholes commonly used. What I charge is completely transparent.

Your advisor must give you a copy of their charging structure before providing any services to you.

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We strongly believe the advice we give to our clients it is always in their best interest. But there was no legal requirement for that to be the case. As you can imagine, there’s tremendous room for advisors to put their own interests ahead of their client’s.

Our job is to help you achieve your investment goals, so you’ll be more secure for the future. Whether your first priority is planning for retirement, managing a 401(k) pension plan or creating a tax-efficient estate plan, we can organize your financial life. That provides you a priceless return on your investments – peace of mind.

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