Best Financial Advisor for Mega Millions Lottery Winner

Best Financial Advisor for Mega Millions Lottery Winner


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There are several smart tips that can guide winners through the first few days after their big win and lay a solid foundation for the future.

First, players should do is check the expiry date, so they can submit it on time.

Second, they should shut up about it, and when they do contact lottery authorities, they should request anonymity. This is to prevent a barrage of telephone calls, letters, and emails from previously unknown relatives, non-profit organizations, old school friends, and bogus investment brokers.

Once their winnings are in their bank account, successful players should consider either applying tight privacy and security setting to their social media accounts, deactivating them temporarily, or deleting them permanently.

Third, lottery winners should speak to professionals.

Can you trust yourself not to spend all that money if you have access to it?

A windfall can be life-changing—but that doesn’t mean you have to up-end your life overnight. You’ve got time now. We suggest leaving the bulk of it in the bank while reality sets in, and taking the time to write a wish list and a budget.

The most important thing any major lottery winner could do was get the right financial advice.

It takes two weeks for the prize money to come through. Use those two weeks to engage a financial advisor who you really trust.

Financial Planner for Lottery Winners

Financial planners come in all shapes and sizes, with different credentials, levels of experience, knowledge bases, legal requirements, and compensation models.

Anyone seeking a planner needs to be armed with the correct questions to ensure that the professional chosen is working in your interest and capable of addressing all your specific financial needs.

Put together a support team

It’s important that you understand your relationship with money so you can put together a team of professionals to provide you with advice, guidance, and support to meet your needs.

Handling this responsibility could be quite overwhelming. Experts recommend that you engage the following professionals, depending on your new-found level of wealth:

  • A financial adviser
  • An estate lawyer
  • An accountant
  • Experts who can assist you in mapping out a strong long-term strategy to support how you handle your money.

But just because you have money, doesn’t mean you can be careless. It’s important to carefully interview every member of the team you’re putting together before hiring them, to ensure they’ll act in your best interests and meet your needs.

Advice for Lottery Winners – Financial and Life Planning- Best Financial Advisor for Mega Millions Lottery Winner

With the help of a financial planner, take stock of your values. How do you want to live your life? For some, suddenly having money doesn’t make them want to change much of anything. Others aspire to new things and experiences. What’s important is to find what’s important to you—and not just materially.

In collaboration with your financial planner, align your investment portfolio with your goals and objectives. With your ability to create an ongoing stream of income benefits yourself and others, you’ll want to assure that you have a diversified portfolio that is well-managed, with strict accountability to the things that matter to you.

Always keep in mind your ability to truly make a difference in the world by being a good steward of your own resources.

How we help you – Best Financial Advisor for Mega Millions Lottery Winner

We have over 25 years of experience in helping people manage and maximize their opportunities with their large windfalls.

Our process for advising lotto winners starts by understanding what’s important to you. We then define your financial goals both before and after your win.

We do this review so we can consider all aspects of your financial life, including your current assets and liabilities. This enables us to start putting a framework in place that shows you what’s possible, and what isn’t.

When we work with lottery winners, we help you consider:

  • Should you extinguish your debt?
  • Do you have enough money to quit your current job? Some people still want to work, just in a different occupation.
  • Your investment structure. We help you make it as tax effective as possible.
  • What sort of lifestyle do you want to live? How much was your windfall? This will determine how we’ll help you manage your money.
  • Do you want to give any away? We can guide you in setting up foundations or charities and advise on how best to donate.
  • How to organize your estate plan. Now that you have money, do you want to leave the capital to your family? You want to make sure it goes where you want it to, and that it can be transferred safely to your next generation.
  • What to do with your insurance and retirement accounts? Do you still need insurance? Should you keep contributing to your retirement account? We help you answer these questions.
  • Whether it’s possible to invest the money and live off the dividends and interest.
  • We can help you determine what sort of investments you’re interested in, how to weigh up all the options available and understand the importance of proper asset allocation.
  • How do you want to be in the day-to-day management of this money? 

All those questions you have

  • Who do I trust?
  • Where do I invest?
  • Do I buy a property?
  • Should I buy shares?
  • Do I set up family trusts for my family?
  • How do I manage the tax?
  • Who else do I need to speak to? Lawyers and accountants?

They’re answered. With our expertise, your lottery win will work hard for you, so your financial future is secured.

You’ll know about all the different tax implications that apply to your lottery win, plus you’ll come away with sound investment options so you can start enjoying your new life.

With our expertise, you’ll be at ease, knowing your newfound wealth is being managed optimally while securing your financial future.

Plus, you’ll have a seamless experience because we know what needs to be done when, how, and by whom. And we put you in touch with the best-of-breed specialist legal and accountancy contacts, which means you don’t have to worry.

In other words, you know all the bases are covered.

And more importantly, you’ll have taken advantage of a great opportunity, and secured your financial future in a way that suits your lifestyle now and into the future.

Best Financial Advisor for Mega Millions Lottery Winner


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