Some think financial planning is a luxury reserved for the rich. This is a widespread misunderstanding. Just as every player needs a coach, everyone needs professional financial help.
Financial planning is often perceived as a service reserved for the wealthy. That’s understandable. The more money you have, the more complex your finances are. But people who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings need guidance, too, and they often don’t have enough money to satisfy the ever-increasing minimum asset requirements of some financial advisers. Simply put, most financial advisers serve people who already have lots of money. If you’re not wealthy, it can be hard to get objective, unbiased financial advice about your total financial picture. It can also be difficult to put together a financial plan on your own. The need for professional, customized financial advice is compelling; the complexity and uniqueness of each person’s financial situation and retirement savings challenges require customized solutions, which in many cases are better delivered by properly credentialed, trained and motivated professions.
You might be smart and educated, but personal finance is something you probably never learned in school.
Most people learn about money from the school of hard knocks. But complex stuff like deciding how to allocate a 401(k) or thrift savings plan, finding tax savings and deciding whether to refinance a mortgage requires professional expertise and experience. The same goes for investments and college savings.
Also it is especially important for people “to understand that financial planning is really available for the average man or woman”.
The idea that financial advice is off limits to all but the wealthy is false. Even if you are a young parent setting up a $50-a-month investment into a 529 college savings plan for your new child, an
indebted college graduate struggling to get your head above water or a late bloomer who just needs to get things on the right path, you can benefit greatly from professional, personalized financial guidance.
Choose an adviser with the right specialty: Most important to the success of your adviser-client relationship is choosing an adviser with a specialty that matches your needs.  Ensure that the advisor’s expertise caters to your financial goals.
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