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The decision to trust someone with your hard-earned money is very personal.

And since you’re basically hiring someone to provide expertise that you don’t have, it can be tough to sort the good expertise from the fluff.

Your needs are unique—and your investment strategy should be too.

Make sure your advisor takes the time to understand your personal goals in order to recommend a customized plan that aligns with your risk tolerance.

Regardless of how much you have to invest, your  Financial Advisor should be working with your best interests in mind.

And even if you prefer to meet only quarterly, or even yearly to discuss your portfolio, if  you have questions your Advisor should always be available to give you answers.

If they don’t return your calls, it may be time for a change.


What a good financial advisor should have

Many advisors think their role is to pick stocks, pick funds or time markets, but those are decidedly not part of a reputable adviser’s skill set.

Instead, the good ones help investors set and work toward goals, plan for life’s surprises, engage in constructive behaviour modification, and maintain accountability with things like regular saving and setting up a college savings for the kids.

Ideally, financial advisers handle more than just investments.

They provide financial planning and motivation to keep clients on track.

Mintco Financial, Best Financial Advisor Tampa-Sarasota Florida

At Mintco Financial ( independent and fiduciary advisors):

We will help bring order to your financial life, by assisting you in getting your financial house in order (at both the “macro” level of investments, insurance, estate, taxes, etc., and also the “micro” level of household cash flow).

We work with you to anticipate your life transitions and to be financially prepared for them, by regularly assessing any potential life transitions that might be coming, and creating the action plan necessary to address and manage them ahead of time.

We will explore what specific knowledge will be needed to succeed in your situation, by first thoroughly understanding your situation, then providing the necessary resources to facilitate your decisions, and explaining the options and risks associated with each choice.

Mintco Financial Advisors are Fiduciaries

Financial advisors who are fiduciaries will want to know your history.

Of course, they will want to know about your  investment accounts but they will also want to know about your spouse, your children, your parents, your career aspirations, and your hopes and dreams for your future.

They will have lots of questions for  you so they can manage your investments in a way that will support the life you desire.

“Finding the right financial advisor for you isn’t always easy, but once you do find that match, it is a relationship you will benefit from immensely, and for many years”, says Michael Minter, managing partner of Mintco Financial.

” We believe that if you save regularly, invest wisely and are patient, financial security is attainable for everyone. We work closely with our clients to help them define, understand and attain their individual financial goals.”

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