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Best Financial Advisor is Palm Beach Fl. Not all financial advisors are created equal.

Some are simply salesman, looking to upsell clients to get a better commission.

Ideally, you’d go to a fee-only advisor who must adhere to the “fiduciary standard”: simply put, these advisors are required to act solely in the client’s best interest when giving them financial advice.

A fee-only financial advisor is best suited to help you achieve your financial goals, and not push whichever financial product-of-the-month that pays out the highest in sales commission.

By eliminating the sales incentive, the fee-only financial advisor gives you advice that is transparent – free of any conflict-of-interest that can come from the possibility to earn a commission. This works because the fee-only financial planner is compensated by you directly, and not by a third-party annuity, life insurance, or mutual fund company.

When hiring an advisor, the Securities and Exchange Commission recommends asking the following questions:

  • What experience do you have, especially with people in my circumstances?
  • What licenses do you hold? Are you registered with the SEC, a state, or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA )?
  • What products and services do you offer?
  • Can you only recommend a limited number of products or services to me? If so, why?
  • How are you paid for your services? What is your usual hourly rate, flat fee, or commission?
  • Have you ever been disciplined by any government regulator for unethical or improper conduct or been sued by a client who was not happy with the work you did?


What Should You Accomplish In Meetings With Your Financial Advisor?


Here are 6 questions and topics which you should consider covering at your scheduled meeting with your financial advisor if you desire to successfully attain your financial goals.

1.  What Is My Current Financial Situation?

2. Am I On Track?

3. Have Life Changes Affected My Plan?

4. How Much Risk Exposure Is My Portfolio Likely To Experience?

5. Which Adjustments Need To Occur?

6. Is My Plan Missing Something?


Fiduciary Financial Advisor in Palm Beach Florida

Being also a Fiduciary means we are here for you, and we let nothing get in the way of putting you first.

The fiduciary standard is the backbone of every service we provide. This model of compensation is simple, transparent, and creates a relationship of trust between us and our clients. That trust is what makes us successful.

BEST Financial Planning Florida

Our economy is built around a very complex financial system, which you can lose to if you don’t integrate all the parts of your money wisely – budgeting, saving, credit, debt, investing, insurance, taxes, retirement, estate planning, work benefits – the list goes on!

Navigate these inefficiently, and money and time is not maximized.

Play your cards right, and you’ll be in “Wealth Mode.”

At Mintco Financial, we want to help hard-working  professionals and families use money as a tool to make their life awesome now and later, and achieve their own version of wealth.

Henry David Thoreau defined “wealth” best when he said: “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

That’s what Wealth Mode is to us – assurance that your smart financial decisions are helping you to have, and fully enjoy, the experiences that will matter most to you.

At Mintco Financial, our primary concern is putting the client first.

We are an independent firm, meaning that we aren’t tied to any proprietary products or services. We believe this offers a number of benefits to our clients, including:

  • Regular, Personalized Communication. Independent financial advisors rely on an ongoing relationship. We meet or if you prefer online meeting at least once a year to ensure your investment policy is on track towards its goals.
  • Professional Guidance. As an investor, you are flooded with information in the media and on the Internet about making financial decisions. However, you likely don’t have the time to research each investment strategy and product to determine whether or not it’s appropriate for your situation and needs. By monitoring your portfolios and conducting ongoing research, we seek to help you feel more comfortable knowing your money is being professionally managed.
  •  A Disciplined Approach. Markets inevitably rise and fall, which is why we closely work with our clients to craft investment strategies that will grow with them throughout their lifetime. We help our clients focus not on things that are out of their control, but instead on the things that they can.
  • Planning-Based Portfolios. We advise our clients on what investments we believe are appropriate for them, but we also work as a financial partner. We help our clients develop a roadmap regarding their financial concerns, such as how long their assets will last through retirement. This planning-based approach means that we guide you through the ebbs and flows of the market and your investments.

Our goal is to act as good stewards of our clients’ assets and continually make the effort to learn from them.

We believe that preparation and planning are just as important as the investment vehicles utilized, which is why we work with our clients for the long term and develop strong relationships with them.


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Is your current financial advisor providing you with the guidance you need? Has it been a while since you met with us?

At Mintco Financial, we like to stay in touch with you regularly to focus on your goals and how you can achieve them.

We never like to leave expectations and concerns unaddressed.

Whether you have been working with us for years; are new to wealth management, financial planning, and investment advisors; or believe you may need to reevaluate your relationship with your current financial advisor, our proven financial planning and investment advice will help you set and successfully attain your goals for your finances and your life.

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