Best Financial Advisors for Retirement Florida

Best Financial Advisors for Retirement Florida


Many people are great at planning.

They will map out their education, career path, vacation time, and just about everything else.

But there’s one area that many people fear to tread: Financial Planning.


Instead of coming up with clearly defined financial goals and strategies, often, most people just “wing it”.

They might make short–term provisions, such as saving the down payment for a house, or scraping together enough for a yearly 401k contribution.

But they don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to pay down their debts, make their savings grow faster, or the many ways they can aim for a more comfortable lifestyle today and in retirement.

That’s where a true Financial Plan comes into play.

A Financial Plan helps you figure out how far you’ve come, how to set realistic financial objectives, and how to get where you want to go.


Why Do I Need to Meet with a Financial Advisor for Retirement?


First, we need to consider the fact that countless people around the world live their entire lives without ever seeking financial advice. Now imagine, if each of these people planned a meeting with a financial advisor, they would have all the knowledge they need to create a long-term strategy to preserve wealth and ultimately live a happier life.

Consulting a financial advisor before making an investment decision is unquestionably wise.

Experienced finance professionals are fully up to date with the current market conditions and know where the investment opportunities, as well as pitfalls, exist.

A good financial advisor can provide key insights and advice with regard to saving for your retirement, asset management, will planning, trusts, and much more.

Is a Financial Advice Worth It? Best Financial Advisors for Retirement Florida


Most people believe that they don’t require a financial advisor to help plan their finances. Some people end up successful and figure it out on their own. However, most people end up making poor decisions and suffer long, after they retire. Financial advisors can provide you with a clear picture of how to build wealth. With our experience in the financial services industry, we quickly identify poor investment options and keep our clients’ hard-earned money safe. When you are planning on investing, it is a good idea to seek advice from a team of experienced financial professionals.


Financial Advisor Fees in Florida


The methods of payment for financial services vary among different corporations and advisors. Some financial consultants charge an hourly fee, while others charge a fixed rate. It is also common for some advisors to take a percentage from the given value of the investments that they help you to manage. The rate might vary, usually between 0.5% and 2% annually. Some advisors can earn money from commissions by buying or selling insurance and financial products, while others can take a commission and request that clients pay a fixed fee as well. Overall, when you seek the assistance of a financial advisor, you need to ask them how they will charge you.


We’re able to leverage our technology to allow us to serve clients all over the country, both on individual planning/investments and your company 401k plan.

We employ simple, easy-to-use video conferencing and screen-sharing applications to effectively provide the same level of services to clients whether we are together in the office or face-to-face over a video conference.

Our investment account servicing processes are fully electronic, making it very easy to open and maintain your accounts from anywhere.  For those that prefer in-person meetings, we will do our best to coordinate travel schedules to make it work for you.



The foundation of an investment strategy should reflect who you are and where you are headed. We will align your portfolio with your personal situation, your goals, and your risk tolerance.

It is important to have clear expectations for your portfolio—both on the upside and the downside. Implementing a cost-effective strategy is critical, so your portfolio is built with efficiencies at every level to help you keep more of the return you earn.

Our investing philosophy is rooted in decades of Nobel Prize-winning academic research. We employ global diversification, both across and within asset classes, to protect your portfolio against short-term fluctuations in any one type of investment or market. We will not stock-pick or market-time with your portfolio. We focus on long-term appreciation and appropriate diversification.

We will monitor the progress of your portfolio, rebalancing it regularly to maintain your desired allocation, and updating it as necessary to stay on track with your life’s changes. Above all, we uphold our fiduciary obligation to you and strive to protect what you have built.



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