Best Florida Discount Golf Tour Ball 2017-2018

We all love a top performing golf ball. 

And the Golf ball selection should begin with an honest assessment of your game and your goals.

The unfortunate part is the high end price of premium golf balls, but you are paying for what you get and the 

difference in quality is evident. 

That’s when Michael Minter, golfer and managing partner of Mintco Financial engineered a premium Tour Ball with

the cost of a value Golf Ball.


The idea is giving all golfers a great golf ball with a good value. And add to that, all profits of the sales of the

Albatross Golf Balls will go to THE CHILDREN. 

The Albatross Tour Ball is equal to or better than the national brands, and has a good cause besides offering a good value.

How to choose a Golf Ball?

Choosing a golf ball that’s right for you and learning how to hit to maximize distance and accuracy can make a

huge difference in your game. But how do you determine which is the best ball for you?

Most players, especially amateurs, should be using a softer ball.

Also  it’s important that players stick to one ball. Different balls react differently. Once you find a ball you like, play

that ball all the time for consistency.

Many people believe that certain golf balls perform better than others even when it isn’t always true.  There is a

perception that as long as a certain name or logo is stamped on the ball it is better than all others.

Where to buy Albatross Tour Ball

Albatross Tour Ball is  a high performance ball at a lower price point. Also the packaging is much cooler than the

top brands at a much lower price.  

You can purchase the Albatross Tour Ball HERE!