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Best Florida Tampa Annuity Quote: one of the options you could choose is to invest part of your retirement funds in an annuity, which pays you a regular income throughout your retirement years.

You purchase an annuity using a lump sum from your retirement funds or, perhaps, some savings, which provides you with a guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

The amount of income you receive from your annuity can vary between different insurance companies, so it’s essential to receive comparisons before making your final decision.


How Much you should invest in annuities?


Don’t buy more of an annuity than you need. Make sure an annuity will jibe with the rest of your portfolio. Limit your annuity income to whatever you need that wouldn’t be provided by bonds and dividend stocks you already own.


Are annuities right for you?


While annuities have many attractive features, they’re not for everyone. If there’s no chance you’ll run out of money, annuities are probably the wrong choice. They make little sense if you have an ample employer pension, since you already have the assurance of an income for life. Nor are they attractive if you’re in poor health: the best payoff from an annuity comes from living much longer than average. And if you’re very wealthy, outlasting your money isn’t a concern either.


How to buy an annuity


Although annuities are really an investment product, they can only be sold by someone with an insurance license.

If you know what you want to buy, you can contact an independent financial Advisor.

To work annuities into your portfolio, you should have an investment adviser with the right licenses, who is committed to using annuities in the appropriate circumstances. If your adviser can’t do that, consider switching.


Mintco Financial Team of Independent Advisors are licensed to sell annuities. We shop for the best annuity to fit your needs and goals.

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