Best Golf Ball under 20 Dollars Dozen

Golf balls are one of the most under-considered parts of any golfer’s game. Most players will hit whatever is closest to the register or cheapest at their local golf store or pro shop. 

Choosing which golf ball you play on a regular basis can be a bit of a challenge, especially with so many options that are currently on the market. Just because professionals use a certain ball, doesn’t mean that’s necessarily the best ball for you to use. 

The whole idea is to find the one that gives you the most control, distance, and ability to compress the ball.

There are many balls that may work for each golfer. Experimentation and feel whether real or perceived make the difference.

Fundamentally there are 2 choices in what you want the golf ball to do, either go a long way or stop quickly on the green, so it depends where your golf game is at, in other words if you are fairly new to golf then you probably don’t want the ball to stop you would rather it went a little bit further, whereas the lower handicap golfer is not so concerned about length, but requires the ball to stop on the green when it lands there.

In essence the harder you hit the ball the harder the core will suit because when you hit the ball the core compresses onto the clubface and springs the ball off and if you have a low swing speed and a hard core you will not generate sufficient compression of the ball and will lose distance.

Golf Balls are essential to your game.  Not only do you need them to play but having a good type of ball in the bag is essential to good scoring. Every ball has a different feel off it.  Between soft and hard there are plenty of different types to choose from.  The most important thing is that it’s right for your particular game.

Best Golf Ball under 20 Dollars Dozen

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