Best Instant Online Quote for Life Insurance FREE

Best Instant Online Quote for Life Insurance FREE


Today obtaining life insurance is usually different experience, it is the best of both worlds, while you can still do the face to face interactions if you prefer, life insurance companies have made the jump to offering online applications for the people who prefer the less time-consuming process.

The overall process in today’s timeline can be days or a few weeks rather than months.

That being said there is an abundance of companies online and lots of confusion for people who don’t know why you need life insurance and how to figure out the correct amount of life insurance needed.

It helps to have an independent insurance agent who can help walk you through multiple companies and what they have to offer so that you find the life insurance policy that works best for you and your family.

What Is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a contract to ensure that those who rely on you for financial support—such as a spouse or children—will receive money upon your death to help them pay for their needs.

That contract, called a life insurance policy, is made with an insurance company for a chosen amount of coverage that will be paid out, tax free, when the policy holder dies. The policy holder must pay a monthly fee, called a premium, to the insurance company for as long as the policy is in place.

The lump-sum life insurance payment that’s issued upon death can be used by surviving family or other beneficiaries for any purpose.

What type of life insurance is best for you? 

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance pays out a benefit to your beneficiaries only if you die within a specified timeframe, usually 10, 20, or 30 years.

This is the best option if you want to protection for the years that matter most (when you still have a mortgage & children in the house).

Term life insurance is also the most affordable form of life insurance.

For 95% of young families, term life insurance is the way to go.

Having life insurance protection for longer than you actually need it for may not seem like such a bad thing.

But why pay for something you don’t need? Term life insurance lets you pay for coverage only during the years when you’ll need it (most likely in your 30s, 40s and 50s).

How to choose a term length and coverage amount


When you buy term life insurance, you’ll want to choose a term length and coverage amount based on the amount of protection your family needs and the length of time they need it for.

For many people, this ends up being equal to the expenses they pay to support their family until their kids are out of the house and their mortgage is paid off.

However, your needs might differ depending on your family’s situation and your preferences.

For example, if you want to be able to pay for your kids’ post-secondary education, you’ll need a longer policy term.

When you’re thinking about your coverage amount, it’s also important to consider expenses that may not seem like expenses to you right now.

For example, if you stay home to watch your kids while your partner works during the day, you’re providing free childcare to your family.

If you were to pass away while your kids were still very young, your partner might have to pay for childcare.

If you factor this expense in when buying life insurance, your family will have the funds they need even if the unthinkable happens.


What is whole life insurance?

Whole life insurance pays out a benefit to your beneficiaries no matter when you die.

That is why is it categorized as ‘permanent life insurance’. Permanent insurance is much more expensive.

Why? Because it guarantees that your beneficiaries will receive your death benefit. You can die young or die old, and your insurance company will still pay out your benefit.

What kind of life insurance suits me?

The best life insurance is one that will enable your loved ones to continue life without financial worries. Your family can use the life insurance benefits to pay for mortgages or the inheritance tax, for example.

You can calculate a suitable benefit amount by factoring in your family’s loans, annual income and number of children.

We recommend that you choose a benefit that covers at least your share of loans, your annual gross income and US 50000 per dependent child.


When is the best time to get life insurance?

The best time to get life insurance is when someone depends on you.

For most people, this is when they get married or when they start having kids.

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