BEST Instant Term Life Insurance Online GUIDE

BEST Instant Online Term Life Insurance GUIDE

Life is one big adventure.

The places we go, the lessons we learn, the mistakes we make, all contribute to this adventure.

Indeed, each of us has a different journey and destiny, but the truth is that uncertainties and risks are part of this adventure.

Be it illness or accidents; uncertainties can strike anyone, anytime.

However, you cannot let the fear of unforeseen hijack your happiness.

While you cannot avoid these uncertainties, you can very well protect yourself and your loved ones financially in case you are affected by any of these untoward events.

This is possible by judiciously planning to remain one step ahead of unfortunate events. Meaning, other than keeping up a healthy way of life to keep diseases under control, it is additionally critical to ensure the financial security of your loved ones.

‘Term Life Insurance’ may be the answer for you. It can act as your buffer in more than one way, against the financial distress that uncertainties bring along.


Free BEST Instant Online Term Life Insurance GUIDE

Buying online may not seem a big challenge, considering that majority of us are now familiar with the digital way of life.


Thanks to the mass internet penetration, many people are now hooked onto the screen to extract important information.

The Internet has influenced our lives so much, that it seems almost impossible, for most of us, to survive without it.


However, when it comes to buying term life insurance online, people have certain myths that make them reluctant. Let’s attempt to answer some of them:


Myth 1: Buying term insurance online is complex.

Fact: Most insurance websites are extremely user-friendly and interactive.


Myth 2: Claim settlement is difficult for online policies.

Fact: The claim process for both offline and online term life insurance, is the same. Insurance companies offer multiple touch-points through which you can intimate them about the claim. You do not need to rely on any intermediary for the same.


Myth 3: You need to be Internet savvy to buy insurance online.

Fact: You don’t need to be Internet savvy, just Internet literate. You only need to have basic computer and Internet knowledge.


Myth 4: You only get limited options, when you buy online term insurance.

Fact: On an online platform, you have the freedom to check all the available insurance policies, and pick the one that suits you best. You can use compare features available online to get a detailed, feature-by-feature comparison for the plans you choose – a facility that might not be available offline.


Myth 5: Sharing personal information online is not safe.

Fact: The websites of insurance companies are built to comply with the Industry standards of Information security. The company regularly updates its security policies and security measures to ensure a high level of security at all times.


How much life insurance do I need?


Once you have decided to purchase life insurance, the next question to answer is how much to purchase.

Some people select coverage based on an arbitrary amount: $100,000 or $200,000.

Others purchase enough to pay off a home mortgage or other major bill. And some stick to the tried-and-true measure of 10 times salary.

Regardless of calculation method, you may be overwhelmed by the size of the need number.

Don’t be.

Think of it as only a starting point.

Show your calculations to a life insurance agent, who can help fine tune your numbers.

You also want to consider your budget.

You never want to be insurance poor, meaning that you purchased so much insurance it caused a major change in your lifestyle.

However, would eliminating one fancy coffee or unnecessary trip to the snack vending machine disturb your routine much?

There’s nothing wrong with working backwards, first determining the amount that fits within your budget, then determining the coverage type and amount.

And one final thought: any insurance is better than none. Remember that the death benefit is TAX FREE.

A little gift would still go a long way for your family.


How much does life insurance cost?


Various factors determine your cost for life insurance, the most basic of which are age and health.

Generally, your premium is lower the younger you are when you purchase life insurance.

Additionally, premiums are lower for healthier individuals, and there are things you can do to lower your insurance costs.

Don’t just assume that you cannot afford life insurance. Learn the facts, and make an informed decision.

Your family’s financial future may depend on it.

Term vs. permanent life insurance: Which is right for you? 

The biggest question to answer when purchasing life insurance is whether you need a term or permanent policy.

Each type has advantages and limitations.

To make the right decision, you should know and understand your options.

Term life insurance likely meets most life insurance needs.

It provides coverage for a limited period of time to satisfy a temporary need, such as debt payment or income replacement.

Term life insurance is usually the least expensive; however, the insured must die within that specific period of time (usually between one and 30 years) for beneficiaries to collect on the policy.

Term life insurance does not accumulate cash value.

Consider, too, that many term life products can be converted to permanent products depending on the conversion privilege in the policy.


Permanent life insurance is best known for providing lifelong coverage and cash accumulation.

Premiums are usually higher and continue for a longer time period.

These policies generally are for needs such as final expenses, estate planning and tax-deferred income.

Permanent life insurance comes in two basic forms: whole life and universal life.

Benefits of Getting Online Term Life Insurance Quotes

Helps You Prepare Better

For better preparation for purchasing life insurance, getting quotes can be a great step. You are well-prepared when you have an idea about how much your life insurance premiums will cost you. Surely, when you know the cost, you can prepare properly for the purchase.

Helps Determine Coverage

It is often a dilemma for most buyers to decide how much life insurance they should buy.

Saves Your Time

To get life insurance quotes online is quite easy.

Brings Product Details and Company Ratings

Alongside bringing instant life insurance quotes, the tools also bring product details for you. So, you know what you are buying.

Free and No Obligation

Life insurance quotes are free of cost. Also, you are not obliged to buy a policy because you are getting quotes from somewhere.

You Can Get Multiple Quotes Instant

It is an added advantage of the quotes tools that you can get multiple quotes from them. You can get requotes as many times as you want.

Where Should I Get Life Insurance Quotes From?

You can comparison-shop with brokerage agencies, they are better especially when you want to get inexpensive life insurance policies from one of the best companies.

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