Best Life Insurance For Seniors over 70 No Medical Exam 

Best Life Insurance For Seniors over 70 No Medical Exam 

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If you are over 70, you can still take out a life insurance No Medical policy. Many people aged over 70 are often surprised that they are still eligible for a life insurance policy. The good news is you are still able to get cover, the bad news for those over 70 is that your premiums can cost more than if you arranged the policy earlier in life.

Should Seniors have Life Insurance?

The main reason for buying life insurance when over 70 is to cover funeral costs.

It is also quite common for people over 70 to have dependents e.g. a spouse or family member they care for, whose life would be dramatically altered without their financial contribution. 

How do Life Insurance over 70 no exam life insurance applications work?

Guaranteed Issue, Guaranteed Acceptance, or Simplified Issue, no-exam policies are often marketed to older people with medical issues who know they needn’t bother applying for an exam-based policy.

No-exam policies are generally low-face value term life policies. It is possible to purchase higher coverage – as much as $500,000 –but you should expect to pay a higher premium than exam-based policies.

Some no-exam policies will have stricter underwriting guidelines, meaning the application process is open to a smaller pool of people. For example, these guidelines may include:

  1. Limits on weight relative to height
  2. Persons with certain conditions may be automatically excluded, including people with cancer, heart disease, a history of stroke, alcohol/drug abuse, COPD and others (some exam-based policies may exclude people for these reasons as well);
  3. Exclusions for people who smoke, have HIV/AIDS, are terminally ill, or are currently in the hospital or long-term care.

Who should apply for a Life Insurance over 70 no medical exam policy?

A physical exam is a standard part of the life insurance application process.

It determines whether the insurance company will accept you or not, and also how much your insurance will cost, depending upon what health/risk category you fall into based on the results.

Opting for a no-exam policy simply because you don’t like taking physicals, are scared of doctors, or feel it would be too inconvenient, are not reasons to forgo the physical in favor of a no-exam policy.

Often, the exam itself is not a full physical and is conducted by a nurse who travels to your site to take your vitals and conduct an interview.

No-exam policies should probably be limited to people with special circumstances that would keep them from being accepted through a traditional policy process.

These circumstances could include:

  • You have high risk factors regarding your health
  • You are healthy but have a risky hobby
  • You have a chronic condition, such as diabetes
  • You are in a great hurry to get a policy
  • You aren’t looking to get much out of a life insurance policy; you just need enough to cover final expenses


An application for life insurance relies in part on a questionnaire, with self-reported information on personal and family medical history.

This information is relied on even more heavily in the case of a no-exam policy.

If you recently had a medical exam and can provide the results to the underwriters in place of a new exam, you might be better off utilizing the standard application process. 

What are the types of Life Insurance over 70 No Exam

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

As its name suggests, this type of insurance is a simplified version of the traditional life insurance policy.

It has a very simple and quick underwriting process.

It doesn’t require a medical exam.

All you need to do is to answer a few questions that pertain to your medical history.

Take note that these are very straightforward and specific health-related questions and you can finish them in just a few minutes.

To compensate for the absence of a medical exam, the insurers usually check your medical record in the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), your prescription record in the prescription drug database, and your driving record in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

How a Simplified Issue Life Insurance work?

More or less, they want to have your full medical profile so they can identify your mortality risk.

Your life expectancy profile helps them determine if you are eligible for the type of policy that you have applied for.

Now, does this mean that your health condition would be an impediment to your simplified issue life insurance application? Not exactly.

With a simplified issue life insurance, your application can be easily approved even if you’re not in a very good health.

The caveat, however, is you’d be paying a higher premium depending on your condition.

The best thing about the simplified issue policy is you can get a coverage right away once your application is approved.

Is there a waiting period for  Life insurance over 70 No Medical Exam?

No insurance waiting period, either.

As long as you’re paying the premium, you can claim for the benefits any time you need to.

In most instances, the approval just takes a few minutes or a just a few hours.

In some instances, the insurer might request a physician’s record, but a few days delay caused by this request wouldn’t make a great difference.

The simplified issue’s underwriting process would still be faster than the traditional life insurance policy.

How can I get approved for a Life Insurance over 70 no Medical Exam?

Take note that there is no absolute guarantee that everyone who applies for a simplified issue insurance gets approved, but it is safe to say that your chances of getting the coverage is very high.

Being quick and easy, a simplified issue insurance has a few trade-offs.

Aside from its limited policy features, the most obvious among these trade-offs are the high premium on the policy and the lower face amount when compared with the traditional insurance.

Normally, the coverage amount is capped at $250,000 to $500,000.

You would be lucky if you can find a million-dollar coverage, although some insurers also offer this amount.

You should know that the low face amount makes sense because the insurers are taking risks financially when they give you a coverage even if you have a frail health.

Basically, age and health condition is a factor that influences the amount of premium that you’ll have to pay.

In other words, if you’re older and have a medical condition, you might be approved for a policy with a higher premium.

But if you’re relatively young and in a very good health condition, then you might get a policy with a very small premium.

What are the terms for Life Insurance over 70 no Medical Exam?

In terms of the length of the policy, the simplified issue life insurance is usually offered from 10 up to 20 years for a term life insurance coverage.

For a permanent insurance policy, you might have to choose whole life insurance or universal life insurance.

Mintco financial Life Insurance for Seniors over 70 No Medical Best Quotes Online

Best Life Insurance For Seniors over 70 No Medical Exam

If you are between the ages of 50 and 90 (ages may vary by state), Mintco Financial Team can help you take care of your final expenses without burdening your family. Designed to cover things like medical expenses, credit card bills and funeral or burial costs, Mintco Financial Life Insurance for Seniors over 70 is an easy way to accomplish this goal. You can purchase coverage amounts of $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000.

  • Price / Coverage Will NEVER Change
  • Guaranteed Acceptance — No Medical Exam
  • 30 Days to Review Policy — Full Refund if Not Satisfied
  • Easy Payment Options — YOU Choose the Date
  • Helps with Funeral and Burial Costs
  • Pass Money Along to Children or Grandchildren


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