Best Life Insurance for Seniors over 65 No Medical

Best Life Insurance for Seniors over 65 No Medical

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Whether or not you should buy life insurance if you are over 65 years of age depends on you.

Do you need life insurance? If anyone relies on you for financial support, or would suffer financially upon your death, you may have a need for life insurance.

The importance of having a life insurance policy during retirement depends on individual circumstances.

Life insurance for senior citizens can be useful for those in certain specific situations, but may be quite useless for others.

It is necessary to understand individual circumstances before working out whether life insurance is required, and indeed, the amount for which it may be required.

Life insurance is a form of protection for financial hardship or loss in the event of death.

By paying out small sums of money regularly, you ensure that your spouse or family member who depends on you for financial security is provided for even after you are gone.

For senior citizens, who are likely to have adult independent children, whether or not life insurance is needed will depend on the nature of retirement income, among other factors.

Or, if you do not have enough money saved to pay for the cost of your final expenses – funeral and burial related expenses. With the average cost of a funeral now exceeding $7,000 (according to the Federal Trade Commission) and the Social Security Death Benefit currently at just $255, your family could face an unexpected financial burden if you fail to plan.

Why Seniors over 65 need Life Insurance

The main factor that usually has a bearing on the decision about life insurance for senior citizens is whether a family member is likely to suffer grave financial loss due to your death.

Life insurance for senior citizens can protect the non-earning spouse from financial hardship in the event that they outlive the earning spouse.

For instance, if the retirement income of a couple depends largely on one partner, then, if that partner were to die earlier, their spouse would suffer financial loss.

In such a scenario, it would make sense to opt for life insurance coverage.

On the other hand, a retired couple with steady income coming in from savings and other investments would continue to get that stream of income irrespective of one partner’s death. In such a situation, life insurance would probably not be necessary.

The world proves an unstable place.

Purchasing a life insurance plan, even as a senior, offers peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Types of Life Insurance for Seniors over 65

Consider how long you need your life insurance to last in order to accomplish your goal, and how much life insurance you need. Also, how much can you afford to pay for life insurance?

There are several types of plans available for people over 65 years old – Term life, Permanent Life or Guaranteed issue life insurance plans.

Term life is temporary coverage lasting for up to 30 years, but people over 65 may be limited to a term of 20 years or less.

Permanent life insurance provides lifetime protection and builds some cash value inside your policy from which you may take a loan. It costs a lot more than term life insurance.

Guaranteed issue life insurance offers a limited amount of coverage and there’s no health exams and no health questions asked. If you meet the age requirements for acceptance, your approval for life insurance is guaranteed.

Many life insurance companies understand the issues related to mature men and women, and are now offering attractive insurance packages for mature people.


Best Life Insurance for Seniors over 65 

Whether you’ve been denied life insurance in past due to your age, health, or any other factor; or you’re concerned you may be denied life insurance should you seek it, you can still be covered under a variety of policies.

No Medical life insurance may be the perfect solution for you.

No Medical life insurance allows you to obtain coverage with no medical exam, insurance that can cover you through a specific term or for a lifetime.

Why Consider No Medical Exam Life Insurance? Best Life Insurance for Seniors over 65 No Medical
  • You are a smoker.
  • You have been turned down for life insurance in the past.
  • You are overweight or suffering from health complications due to weight.
  • You do not want to go through a medical exam.

With No Medical life insurance, all you need is to answer a few simple health questions to start your application. With no exam, life insurance can be accessible and functional. 

There’s no requirement for a medical examination in order to purchase insurance either, so there is no need to worry about pre-existing medical conditions, which can of course have an impact upon the premiums. 

 How to shop for Life Insurance over 65 

Before shopping around for life insurance, it is necessary to know the amount of life insurance you are going to need.

This can be determined by analyzing your retirement income strategy and understanding how much of it depends on you individually.

If you were to die unexpectedly, what financial loss would your spouse suffer? How much money would be needed for them to continue to live in the same comfort and security that they enjoy today? These questions will help you arrive at the amount of life insurance cover you may need during retirement.

It is important to fully understand the terms and conditions of any financial product before investing in it. This is as true for life insurance for senior citizens and pensioners as any other investment.

After all, financial investment during retirement involves the planning and use of your life savings, so you can never be too careful.

Best Life Insurance over 65 Quote

Life insurance at any age is a good idea!

But especially for those over 65.

We never know how much time any of us will have in this life as individuals.

You certainly don’t have as much time on the clock at 65.

And you are always going to leave some sort of obligation upon your death.

Whether it is final bills, the cost of your burial, a mortgage to pay off for your spouse or survivors, living expense money for family (or at least transition money for a couple years), a special bequeath or project, education for children or grandchildren, final car payment(s), lingering medical expenses, taxes, etc.

If you are rich and stuffed with cash, that is not a problem.

Most are not.

Therefore life insurance is the ONLY way to create an “instant estate” or instant cash flow to solve these problems.

It is tax free, and the benefit appears at the moment it is needed most.

All you have to do is be willing to part with a much smaller amount of money each month that doesn’t bust your budget, for all or at least most of these problems to disappear.

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